by Bong Tan/

Miss Supranational 2016 pageant has finally arrived in Slovakia. After a 10-hour bus trip from Warsaw, Poland, the candidates enjoyed a peaceful retreat in the resort town of Stará Lesná which offers a stunning view of the Slovakian alps. After a much deserved rest, a closed door preliminary competition was held. The format allows the judges to have a closer look of each and every candidate.

During the gown preliminaries, Miss Venezuela Valeria Vespoli stood out from the crowd. Sporting a meticulously beaded and embellished gown, Valeria hit the catwalk like a pro. Another stand-out is Miss Mexico Cynthia de la Vega who appeared very classy with her statuesque figure. Her metallic sparkling wardrobe was definitely eye-catching.

Miss Philippines Joanna Eden earned praises for her exquisite gown that she carried so well. The glossy blue gown designed by Mark Bumgarner exudes a very royal aura. Miss Thailand Chatchadaporn Kimakorn also showed a lot of class. Her gown looked divine with that dominant white lace. It was also figure-hugging revealing the sexy form of Chatchadaporn. Miss Poland Ewa Mielnicka looked lovely in her ballroom style gown. She was also one of the candidates that earned positive reviews.

Show stealers include Miss Vietnam Kha Trang who burned the runway in her fiery red gown. The generous slit of her gown ensured that her long legs will get a center stage. Miss Slovakia Lenka Tekeljakova’s also stole the showed through a generous dose femininity with red pink gown with floral appliqué. Miss India’s simple gold gown which exposed her long legs also caught the eye of the observers thanks to her polished catwalk.

In overall, the Miss Supranational 2016 candidates opted for muted colors and far from daring gown designs. There’s lots of class, royalty and femininity with the concept and design. And of course, more importantly, the candidates did not hold back in burning the catwalk with their own individual signature walk.



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