The 4th edition of Mister Global pageant will come to a close tonight, May 20. Chiang Mai, Thailand is once again hosting this prestigious event with almost 30 contestants from around the globe competing to become the successor of Tomas Martinka.
This Thailand-based competition has once again proven that despite being a relatively young pageant, it deserves to be considered one of the major male pageants in the world today. This year’s pre-pageant activities are impressive, especially the immersion at the Cherntawan International Meditation Center where the candidates literally embraced the pageant’s “Save the Environment” advocacy. With the same team as last year handling the finals show, pageant observers can expect another spectacular presentation from the Land of Smiles.
But the big question remains: who will be the next Mister Global?
After placing as third runner-up in the last two editions of Mister Global, it is the right time for Brazil to finally win the title. Pedro Gicca was a replacement to the original candidate, but it seemed a blessing in disguise. Pedro has been a complete standout since Day 1. Aside from the height (the first three winners are all really tall guys), Pedro has a handsome and marketable appeal. He could serve as an effective ambassador for the Mister Global brand, especially that it is hoping to expand its market and reach.
Mister Global has always been considered as a pageant with preferential treatment for Asians. Last year’s European winner tried to change this image, but what the pageant needs is to crown someone from the Americas to finally put this “issue” to rest. Where else shoud its first South American winner come from? Definitely, from the powerhouse that is Brazil.
In second place in our list is the very enigmatic Mr Chile Fabián Vera. He is sex appeal personified! Definitely, 2017 is the year of the Latinos in Mister Global and if not Brazil, then this hot hunk from Chile should grab the title.
Vietnam has always performed really well in this pageant and this year is no exception. Thuận Nguyễn is one photogenic candidate. But aside from that, he is also amiable and charming. Meanwhile, England‘s Christopher Bramell is now on his third international male pageant and is also among the top contenders for the Mister Global title. His greatest advantage is his command of the English language, which could be of great help in case he wins the title. And finally, completing our Top 5 is the host delegate Nontakorn Amput of Thailand.
Check out the complete list here:

1 BRAZIL Pedro Henrique Gicca
2 CHILE Fabián Esteban Vera Abello
3 VIETNAM Thuận Nguyễn
4 ENGLAND Christopher Joseph Bramell
5 THAILAND Nontakorn Amput
6 SOUTH AFRICA Gerrie Havenga
7 CHINA Shi Yuquan
8 SPAIN Daniel Sampedro
9 PHILIPPINES James Alfred Ventura
10 MYANMAR Paing Soe Htun
11 PUERTO RICO Joshua Rojas Rivera
12 INDIA Srikant Dwivedi
13 KOREA Sujae Yoo
14 IRAQ Ezzulddin Mohammed Naser
15 INDONESIA Reynaldi Rifaldo
16 CZECH REPUBLIC Tomáš Dvořák
17 BANGLADESH Naseef Rahman
18 KAZAKHSTAN Nursultan Telmanov
19 PANAMA Arturo Lugo
20 SRI LANKA Menuka Alwis
Contrary to what readers (and bashers) think, Missosology’s Hot Picks are not intended to make perfect predictions. Hot Picks are merely a guide to pageant watchers as to what to expect in the upcoming pageant’s coronation night. Results might not turn out the way we wanted it, but we can proudly say many times, we called the right shots. Lest we forget, Missosology correctly predicted the Top 5 of last year’s Mister Global – in all the right placements.
So good luck to all the candidates and may the most deserving contestant win! Text and graphics by Drew Francisco/Missosology.Org



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