Beauty pageants can be a very rewarding and even life altering experience. The right approach can result in an abundance of opportunities and at the very least a great confidence boost.

Over the last few months we have offered many tips for potential pageant winners.
These articles had such a good response that we thought it was time to share some more!

1) Believe in yourself. If you have prepared well for your pageant by building on your strengths and considering your future then you are already a winner. So enjoy your moment and believe!
2) Connect with the judges. Smile at the judges and know that they are on your side. They want to see you do well so relax. If you find it hard to look them in the eye try focusing on their foreheads.
3) Be healthy. While it is positive to stay trim for your pageant appearance do not go crazy with dieting. You will be marked on stage presence, not how skinny your are.
4) Hold something back. Do not give everything away on paperwork before the event, keep a little back to share with the judges on the day.
5) Double check. Ask someone to read your statements before you hand in your paperwork, this can avoid silly mistakes.
6) Natural smiles. Is there something that always makes you laugh? If so try to remember it while on stage to encourage a natural smile to come through.
7) Bring as many friends and family along as possible to be your crow support. It will help if you have already performed in front of them prior to the event, and their cheers on the day will give you a fantastic boost.
8) Short and sweet. Do not be over ambitious with your talent section. Keep it at a manageable length, making it easy on yourself and ensuring that your crow and judges are entertained, not bored.
9) Slow down. Take a breath when talking if you feel that you're struggling at any time. Also take your time when walking, there is no hurry and you will look far more graceful. Enjoy the moment, do not rush it.
10) Familiarize yourself. Watch pageants on TV and look at how the contestants present themselves. What works well? What does not? Remember your answers when it comes to your big day.

The most important thing is that your enjoy your experience so go ahead and have some fun!


Source by Suzy O'Connor

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