The Miss Multiverse Elimination Style Competition & Reality TV Show. With Linda Grandia.

Episode 3 РSeason 3: ¨I Am Multiverse¨Finalists Prepare For First Round of Judging. 13 Oct. 2016.

Judging is NOT based on industry expert opinion; said Linda Grandia, CEO of Miss Multiverse. Contestants are judged and eliminated based on their overall performance. In this format, judges play the role of advisors, calling out negative behaviors with critics or re-enforcing positive traits.

In conclusion, unlike traditional pageants. The overall elimination process is based on the contestant’s scores. Points are gained during their participation in multiple challenges and also as they are voted in or out by other contestants.

Linda Grandia, Mariana Verkerk and Nancy S. - Miss Multiverse Judges
Linda Grandia, Mariana Verkerk, and Nancy S. – Miss Multiverse Judges

Judging & Elimination Round. With Linda Grandia.

In the first round of challenges, judges will review the contestant’s performance, and provide scores, on a scale from one to ten. The first round is also part of a conduct assessment, where judges consider whether contestants are underperforming (below the line) or engaged and focused (above the line) to determine if they are worthy of moving forward towards the next challenges. This transparent scoring system and elimination style competition makes Miss Multiverse different from all other beauty pageants; said Linda Grandia.

The Miss Multiverse elimination style competition follows a rigid reality TV format. Judges confront each contestant with the gathered behavioral content and provide them with an opportunity to explain their point of view to justify their actions. The contestants leave the room and the judges deliberate. All contestants return to the judging room and the host Linda Grandia, calls forward the underperforming candidates to reveal the judge’s deliberation. The ones called forward are thus eliminated from the competition with the exception of one contestant whom will by a number of votes be reintegrated back into the game.

One of the Miss Multiverse contestants in the elimination line-up is voted back into the competition. Votes are cast by all other contestants. Some of them vote strategically but others use friends politics. The one with the highest overall number of votes is re-integrated into the game.

Conduct assessment

The conduct assessment is based on the Miss Multiverse Code of Responsible Ethics (Miss Multiverse. C.O.R.E.) this is a guide that defines appropriate and inappropriate behavior covering disciplinary consequences and interventions that may be prescribed as appropriate. Following this conduct and through challenges contestants end-up (above the line) in the safe zone or (below the line) with risk of elimination. Contestants are then voted or eliminated one by one and in order of merit narrowing down to the top 10 models (finalists) whom will face the final challenges and final event where the ultimate Miss Multiverse winner will be selected.

The final segment of this TV episode involves judging and most certainly elimination. Scores will be reviewed at the end of each round. As result, some of the contestants will (sadly) be eliminated. This marks the culmination of months of planning and preparation for these finalists in the Miss Multiverse competition.


Linda Grandia – CEO of Miss Multiverse
Mariana Verkerk – Catwalk Coach and Co-Producer
Nancy Schoenmakers – Fashion Photographer
* There are 4 Hidden Judges

CONTESTANTS Called for elimination (Bellow the score line)

Miss. Italy
Miss. Latvia
Miss. Belarus
Miss. Canada
Miss. Haiti
Miss. Belgium
Miss. Romania
Miss. Dominican Republic


Miss. Italy (with a warning)
Miss. Canada (with the recommendation to improve)
Miss. Dominican Republic (with a recommendation to improve)


Miss. Latvia
Miss. Belarus
Miss. Haiti
Miss. Belgium
Miss. Romania


Miss Belgium (with 13 votes)
Other contestants voted Miss Belgium back into the game.


Conference Room at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana


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