The Miss Multiverse organization just announced their very first contestant for 2019 and we can not wait to see and hear more about this amazing woman.

This is what we know from the contest’s official facebook page @MissMultiverse;

Meet Miss Multiverse Italy 2019;

Alice Veglio, age 23, height 176, international model, personal trainer, influencer.

She has a university degree in Holistic Health Sciences and a second degree in Economics and Business Management.

Personal Trainer and Sport Medicine degree and working apprenticeships at prestigious United Nations offices (FAO, WGEO) and Dubai government offices.

Alice is a motivated, sophisticated and outgoing person, ready to be challenged and prove everyone her way of being “Multiverse”.

She will compete at the personality contest world finals of Miss Multiverse 2019, Nov 28 to Dec 20, 2019, 7th edition at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana and the TV Reality program “I am Multiverse”

The Miss Multiverse Contest is a completely new concept, you can not really call it a beauty pageant. Although all contestants are beautiful they are scored on how Multi-faceted they are.

The Reality TV program “I am Multiverse” lifts this tough contest to a completely new level where we the audience get a real look into what winning or loosing in this contest is all about.

We can not wait to meet the other 29 contestants. Good luck Alice Veglio in this tough contest.

If you want to see what this contest is all about then watch an episode here;

Instagram: @missmultiverse

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