Miss Multiverse lifestyle photography at Hard Rock Hotel

Part of the Miss Multiverse competition is to have appeared casual and relaxed during the photoshoot. This was easy to do at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort located in the magical area of Punta Cana.

For this group photo featuring, Corrin Stellakis, winner of Miss Multiverse 2017. It was really easy to find good locations for this fashion photoshoot. The chic and luxury style can be found in every corner of the resort.

The mix between the palm trees, the pool and lounge areas, and the beautiful white sand beach gave a particular mood to every photo.

Miss Multiverse Hard Rock Hotel
Corrin Stellakis, winner of Miss Multiverse 2017 – Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana hosts the World finals of Miss Multiverse since 2013. The reality show ¨I Am Multiverse¨ now on its fourth season is hosted by Linda Grandia CEO of Miss Multiverse and Show Producer Mariana Verkerk. Catch the latest episodes on realitytvprograms.com

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