The third season of the Reality TV Program, I am Multiverse – The TV Show, to be released July 2017.

I am Multiverse – The TV Show, features 30 of the most noteworthy beauty queens and hottest models competing head to head on this first of its kind elimination style competition that seeks to find the most amazing woman on earth. Each episode reveals who´s ¨in-or-out¨ and the losers, they are eliminated ¨one-by-one¨ making this the most intense personality competition ever.

Hard Rock Punta cana Miss Multiverse
Miss Multiverse Contestants #This is Hard Rock

The contestants first arrive to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana; ¨but there is a twist¨ when CEO Liinda Grandia uncovers the high stakes of the competition, this luxurious resort turns from relaxed atmosphere in to an epic battle ground where everyone is here to win.

Contestants Extreme Challenges – Miss Multiverse

The program reveals the true behind the scenes stories as we see the contestants who got scorched, eliminated and the winners who move-on to the lavish mansion where the most severe challenges, drama and adventures take place.

The last TOP 7 Miss Multiverse 2016 – The Die Hards

The program will be available on second screen as web-series after TV broadcasting ends August 15, 2017. This means you will be able to get close and personal with your favorite reality stars, on any destination, worldwide 24/7, using your mobile device.

In the mean time our exclusive coverage of beauty queen and Reality TV Actress, Siria Bojorquez during her European Tour we give you the latest behind the scenes, as she travels from canes film festival and other European countries with a stop in Amsterdam for a TV program cover shoot.

As the year draws to a close, the new season of I am Multiverse – The TV Show, competition approaches soon, with new characters, judges and contestants. Siria Bojorquez, the winner and current title holder of Miss Multiverse will be part of the TV cast, making this a must follow character and the face of the competition.

Sources: I am Multiverse – The TV Show

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