We talk to the newly crowned Miss Multiverse Australia 2017, Gabrielle Keaton and learn what she is all about. With a great education and a positive spirit, Gabrielle is a role model to all.

Where are you from?

I grew up in a small country town called Bulahdelah and now I’m currently living in Newcastle.

What did you study?

I studied a bachelor of science with a Zoology major.

Why did you enter Miss Multiverse Australia?

I entered MMA because I thought it would be a great experience, really pushing me out of my comfort zone to do something I’ve never tried before.

Did you expect to win, or how did you expect to do?

No! Like I said before it was something I had never even tried before so I wasn’t sure how I would go, what to expect and I definitely did not expect to win.

What was the National Finals like?

Nationals was great fun although it was very testing, both mentally and physically. They are long days and you need to have a lot of stamina.

Gabrielle Keaton - Miss Multiverse Australia 2017
Miss Multiverse Australia 2017

What did you like most about the nationals?

What I liked most was definitely meeting all the girls and all the guests along the way. The challenges were also an incredible experience, despite being scored they were still so much fun.

What did you think of the other contestants?

I thought the other contestants were lovely and I would have been happy if any of them were to win. All of us were completely different with our own story, background, and talents so it was good spending a week with such talented and special ladies who will go far in whatever they do.

How did you feel when you won and what went through your mind? 

On stage, I thought “did I hear that right?”. Then I was so excited and couldn’t believe that finally after all the months of hard work it had paid off and I was going to be able to represent Australia. I was so proud of myself for having achieved something I’d never tried before.

What were the reactions of your family and friends?

They were so happy! Cheering for me and telling me how happy and proud of me they were. I definitely found that the support from all of my friends and family was one of the best things in the competition. Knowing how much they will get behind you is a really wonderful and warm feeling.

Miss Multiverse Australia 2017 Gabrielle Keaton
Miss Multiverse Australia 2017

Who or what are you most grateful for, for this opportunity?

My friends, family and sponsors because they have had faith in me from the start and supported me in any way they could. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

What do you plan to achieve as MMA 2017?

I plan to be a great role model for young girls. I want to be someone they can look up to and aspire to achieve whatever they set their minds too because it is exactly what I have done. It’s not luck or fate, it’s hard work and determination that has gotten me to where I am today.

How has being a finalist and winner change your life to date?

I believe being involved in this competition has grown my confidence and a lot of other skills. Although the fact that I won does not mean I am any better than anybody else it just means that I want to be an even better version of myself so people are happy for me to be their winner.

How do feel about the world finals in the Dominican Republic in November?

Excited! I cannot wait to travel and represent Australia in the Dominican Republic. They chose me for a reason so I am going to work hard and represent Australia with pride in November.

How do you think you will do at the world finals?

I’m unsure how I will go. I’m sure everyone is different and there will be 30 of us girls, so I will have to wait and see. However, Miss Multiverse is more than just who is the best at challenges. They are watching everything you do always, I’m not going to fake or hide behind anything because if I am the right person for the Miss Multiverse title then I’m sure they will see it in myself, or in whoever the winner may be.

Gabrielle Keaton Crowning
Gabrielle Keaton Crowning

What motivates you in life?

Kind and genuine people. Kindness makes me happy and encourages me to go the extra mile. A smile can go a long way.

What are your dreams?

To make a difference. I really want to make a change in the world.

Do you have a man in your life?

Two, my father Phil and my brother Bradley.

What are your hobbies?

I love sports and being outside doing activities like bike riding, swimming and even just walking through the bush I find very therapeutic. I’m also a real foodie! I love cooking, trying new things and especially eating.

What is your proudest moment/s in life?  

Winning Miss Multiverse Australia is certainly one of them, being able to represent Australia overseas is such an amazing feat. I’m also just proud with everything I have achieved so far in my life when I look back on it. I’m 21 and I have done a lot of amazing things and held a lot of positions which I am extremely grateful for.

What are your beauty secrets?

I drink a lot of water, eat healthy, and don’t wear makeup when I don’t need to, I love letting my skin breathe. My sponsor Genesis Skin project makes my skin feel incredibly hydrated too and I’m so thankful to her.

What do you do in your spare time?

I really enjoy cooking and creating new things, probably because I also eat a lot. I Love working out, going to the gym and visiting my friends and family.

What tips do you have for other models competing in contests?

Work hard but be yourself because there is no reason to change who you are for a contest. Also, don’t become so focused on the outcome that you forget to enjoy the ride.

What are the things that models should avoid when being in a contest?

Don’t judge or put others down, especially if it is out of jealousy. If someone is better than you there is no reason to try and fault why they are better. You should simply try to improve and work harder yourself.

How do you feel about the recent changes in the modeling industry in regards to minimum BMI and weight?

I think it’s good and really reinforces a healthy more realistic everyday body image.

How do you want to influence other young women and models?

I want to influence them by being a realistic girl they can relate to. I love my food, my sport and I know I’m not a little petite build. I am tall and have a sporty built. It’s about appreciating yourself and your assets. Don’t focus on negatives and just be happy within yourself because that’s what shines through.

What makes you happy?

Nice people, good weather, good food, and quality banter.

What makes you unhappy?

When people are nasty to others or animals.


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