Galina Mihaylova will proudly represent Bulgaria when the Miss World 2016 season kicks off in Washington D.C. later this year. As an international tennis player, Galina will definitely perform strongly in the sports contest which is one most crucial aspects of the pageant. Add the fact that she studied international relations in the United Kingdom! It seems safe to say that getting along with other candidates will not be a problem for Galina and that the interviews will barely shake her confidence.

Here, she took some time off to talk to Missosology to give a preview on what she is looking forward to at the Miss World 2016 contest.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

I am a former professional tennis player and that my brother Kaloyan Mihaylov represented Bulgaria at the Mister World 2016 contest held in the UK this year. I have competed for more than 10 years and in 2009 was offered a tennis scholarship in the United States. I have however chosen to stay in Europe and pursue a degree in Politics International Relations in Royal Holloway, University of London, instead.

Can you give us a small preview of your Beauty with a Purpose project?

I will focus on awareness and prevention of human trafficking, which is the second largest criminal activity in the world reaping an estimated $32 billion in the trade of human beings. It is also a topic that has been very relevant to the region I am coming from, since Eastern European countries have been severely affected by human trafficking. I plan to launch a big international campaign regarding human trafficking awareness and prevention, headed by the foundation that I co-chair and in collaboration with other NGOs.

For Dances of the World segment, which Bulgarian dance would you like to showcase at Miss World?

I am going to present a specially prepared for me folklore dance, that will be include folklore elements from few Bulgarian regions.


Among the Miss World titleholders, who do you admire the most and why?

I believe that each one of the Miss World titleholders deserve to hold that title, but I deeply admire people who dedicate themselves to improving other people’s lives. In that sense, I am extremely impressed by Rolene Strauss who is a medical student and Mireia Lalaguna who has obtained a degree in pharmacy.

Can you share your beauty secret?

Being happy! The only key to outer and inner beauty is happiness, so I urge everyone to do whatever makes them happy!


What are your expectations with the host city, Washington D.C.?

I am very happy to learn that Miss World contest will be hosted in Washington D.C, so I expect that the organization of the whole event will be impeccable. I have some friends, including professional tennis players, that are currently living in the U.S and some of them will be able to come and support me.

In your opinion is it outdated to still have a swimsuit competition at beauty pageants?

The nature and purpose of the Miss World Contest is to judge and really listening to us. Being a working girl, and realizing how important interpersonal skills are, I have come to feel that the swimsuit round is rather unnecessary.


How would you describe Bulgaria to your fellow contestants?

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries, and has a very long and varied cultural history. Not enough people know that Bulgarians have given to the world the Cyrillic Alphabet, John Atanasoff who played a key role in computer history, Stefka Kostadinova, a high jumper whose record of 2.09 meters remains, and the oldest gold treasure in history unearthed at the Varna Necropolis. Bulgaria is also the producer of about 70% of all rose oil in the world and the country has an amazing folklore song which was recorded and travelled aboard the Voyager. And don’t forget that Hristo Stoichkov – one of the best footballer in history – is from Bulgaria!

There is a campaign that I have co-launched with a friend while I was a student in the U.K. in support of raising awareness about Bulgarian culture and heritage – Campaign Ref: @discoverbulgariaintherightway (

And finally a message to all of your fans out there.

If you believe that a highly disciplined former professional tennis player with broad work experience in the corporate world, active involvement in charity work and strong academic background in International Relations is worth of the Miss World titleholder, then I am your person! Thank you for your support!


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