Daniella Walcott is Miss World Trinidad  Tobago 2016
Daniella Walcott is Miss World Trinidad Tobago 2016

Daniella Walcott, has recently been crowned Miss Oneness Trinidad and Tobago 2016 (Miss World- Trinidad and Tobago). She will represent the twin- island Republic at Miss World 2016. In the pageant community especially on Missosology, Daniella is known to be the Most Beautiful Miss Trinidad and Tobago delegate since her cousin Gabrielle Walcott at international pageantry. Missosology is honoured to be the first to have this short, exclusive interview with Daniella as the newly crowned Miss World TT 2016!
1.) How would you describe yourself?

Behaviours- Passionate about my goals and pursuing my life purpose, positive thinker.

Attributes- Gentle, compassionate, authentic, creative, self-motivated, loving, wise, intelligent, fun spirited, energetic.

2.) Please tell us about yourself, where you grew up and your hobbies?

Living in Tobago as a child had a big influence on me. I attended Folk dancing classes, did drum playing and ballet, and other culturally rich events. Small island life. Daddy would take my sister and I on his scooter after school straight to the beach. I am a true daughter of the islands. Planted and picked our own vegetables from the garden. Very humble lifestyle. We moved to Trinidad and attended primary and secondary school here where I did hobbies like: Painting, singing, public speaking, teaching children, martial arts, playing piano.

3.) Describe your Beauty with a Purpose project.

My BWAP is a work in progress and very soon it will be announced.

4.) Do you think that swimsuits are still relevant in beauty pageants?

No! for the entertainment factor perhaps but a woman should not only present how she looks on the outside but the modern woman should be deeper and should be a platform for the changing landscape. embodying who you are and being divinely purposeful.

While a woman’ s curves and shapes are divinely beautiful to look at, the energy and wisdom that she embodies from within is beyond the physical and is what should be focused on in a beauty pageant. What she has to offer to the world her competencies and leadership skills, should be the principle focus beyond the swimsuit.

5.) If you are to choose, what kind of dance would you perform at Dances of the World and why?

It should be a vibrant fusion of various cultural influences such as, African, Asian, European and Caribbean. A cohesive and energetic expression of the waist line.

6.) What makes you proud of your country?

We are ambitious and we strive to achieve great things in different sectors and on a global scale. In the midst of negativity, we strive for better. Large and diverse pool of talent on such a small island: in sports, energy sector, business sector, fashion, music, arts, beauty, commerce, entertainment, industrial, literature.

7.) What are your current preparations for Miss World?

My work has now begun for 2016, speech, presentational skills and BWP project will be the first topics that I will be working on.

8.) If you will win the Miss World crown, which country would you like to visit first and why?

Somewhere to aid in a crisis.

9.) What is your breakfast like?

Sweet potato, sardines, salad with olive oil, sunflower seeds. Energizing food to start my day off right.

Daniella Walcott is Miss World Trinidad  Tobago 2016
Daniella Walcott is Miss World Trinidad Tobago 2016

10.) Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Walcott (your cousin), seven (7) years ago became the 2nd Princess and obtain the Miss Caribbean title at Miss World. She also won the prestigious ‘beauty with a purpose’ award. If any, what advice has she given to you?

She advised me to ensure that my BWP is something that I genuinely love. Having a passion for it will encourage me to undertake similar projects in the future.

11.) In 2013-2014, your country’s first and only Miss World, Giselle Laronde trained you personally. You also joined beauty pageants to gain experience for Miss TT/ WORLD. How would you describe your training sessions with Giselle?

She connected with me on a personal level to help me overcome fears that I have with presentation on stage. She introduced me to physiotherapy to help me strengthen physically while she worked on mentally preparing me through coaching and mentoring. The training was inspiring and informative. I grew in strength during that time.

12.) Is your ethnicity an issue since you represent a country with an overwhelming Indian and African heritage?

I would hope not, I believe that anyone from any background can stand where I am now and represent TT. It’s not about how you look but how connected you are with your culture. How well you know your country. and embracing the strengths of having such a diverse ethnic society.

13.) How would you describe Trinidad and Tobago to your fellow contestants?

TT is a heaven on earth! Vibrant, beautiful and lush with greenery. Warm and friendly people are all smiles. Truly inspiring for artists and anyone who wants to experience a bit of paradise.

14.) What qualities do you think will enable you to shine at Miss World 2016?

My unique ability to bring a room to life with love and light. Notwithstanding continuous dedication purpose driven and doing everything from my heart. These qualities will shine through.

15. Finally a message to all of your fans at Missosology.
Hi everyone. I look forward to many amazing things and cannot wait to start sharing them with all of you. It’s going to be an exciting and fruitful journey that I intend to create! I am grateful for everyone’s support. Love and hugs.
Special greetings to some of my biggest supporters of Missosology : meow-meow, Frank speech, chellomellow, cello, London, Jon A, LizzyD, StarStruk® and many more …



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