Tell us something that most people don’t know much about you.

I love goofing around, so some people think I am a flighty type of person. Those closest to me though know that behind my public persona is a tough mind, a strong back and a gentle heart. I am the kind of person who doesn’t back down from a fight and stand for what I believe in.I don’t easily get disheartened in the face of adversities nor shy away from challenges. I am loyal to a fault and my family and friends know I have their back.

Ms. Megaverse Australia 2017
Joie Serrano

How would you describe your country to your fellow contestants?

Australia is a vast , mostly arid plains whose area is almost the same as the United States with Canberra friendly, laid back and fun. The country’s economy is developed and is the 14th largest economy by nominal GDP. as its . capital city It is an enticing mix of many ethnicity’s and is a mix between modern, cultured cities and remote rural locales. Its coastal rim is almost everywhere and has stark red outback and towering rain-forest. Australians are one of the most beautiful and sexiest people in the world.

What makes you a powerwoman?

What makes me a Powerwoman would be the facts that I am a God fearing , strong, independent woman in charge of my life and is interested in the good of others. I am not afraid to speak my mind, to think outside the box, question the status quo, stand by my decisions and convictions even if it means taking the road less traveled.

What is your greatest strength and how did it help you to become one of the competitions world finalists today?

My greatest strength is knowing my limits and is willing to push them. Knowing my flaws and uses it to my advantage and having enough passion and drive and is open to growth

What quote do you live by?
The quote I try to live by is, ” One’s happiness depends upon the quality of one’s thoughts.”

Ms. Megaverse Australia 2017
Ms. Megaverse Australia 2017



What is your idea of happiness and success?

Success to me is that feeling of contentment in knowing that I have achieved my goal and that it has made a difference and a positive impact on my loved ones and the people around me thus making me happy. This to me is success and happiness.

What is your secret to stay healthy and beautiful?

My secret to staying healthy and beautiful is having a healthy lifestyle, a healthy mind and a positive attitude.

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Now that the world is more open to women traveling alone, I guess every women should try to do this at least once in their lifetime. Just ensure that you have done your vital safety net then Go, travel solo !. Leave the comfortable bubble of your home, familiar surroundings and people. Traveling solo will not only give you freedom, time for reflection and a chance to test yourself but it will eventually give you self knowledge once you start to navigate in a strange place.

Ms. Megaverse Australia 2017
Ms. Megaverse Australia 2017

How do you handle stressful situations?

I take a deep breath and find a place of calm and reservedness. When you have a relaxed and balanced body and mind , you are able to respond with clarity of mind and gain control over the stressful situation.

What things in life are still a mystery to you?

I believe in God. But I am still mystified by the Divine Creation theory and the reason and meaning of human existence

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I go by is the 2000 year old advice by Rabbi Hillel and I quote, ” If I am not for me, who will be? If I am only for me, what am I? If not now, when ? ” I am presently involved with 2 Women Organizations, organizations which are geared towards women empowerment. I make write ups on women empowerment and has scheduled speaking engagements about these. If and when I win the crown I can use this platform to further proliferate my advocacy of having a society that respects and promote the dignity of all women. There is a monumental amount of work ahead but I am up for the challenge!

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