Miss Serbia World 2014

Milica Vuklis
Milica Vuklis (2)Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

I am one of the first female  couches in sitting volleyball and I am voluntarily working with my team  for a one whole year now. Also my wish is to learn to play saxophone and  I will do it soon.   

Who is your favorite Miss World and why?

Priyanka Chopra  Miss World 2000. When I am 7 years old she won Miss World and in that moment I was sure that one day I will try to do the same… So thank you Pryanka  for inspiring me ! 

What is your idea about the Beauty with a Purpose concept of Miss World?

I love it and I think that this is the main reason that the Miss World competition is the best competition in the beauty. Its perfect way to encourage young people to be human  and to help others. My Beauty with a Purpose project is something that I am doing with all of my heart, its about helping people with disabilities to regain faith  and  self-esteem and  self-confidence true training of sitting volleyball    …Hope that you guys are going to like it when you see it on YouTube . 

What will be your costume and dance for Dances of the World?390080_milica-vuklic-05rasfoto-oliver-bunic_ff

Its national costume and dance for ”folklore”, I chosen Prizrensko kolo- Its interesting dance from the south of Serbia and  it was preformed buy ladies and gentleness, couple of last century’s.

What is your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is blue, because blue color defines harmony, faithfulness, confidence, infinity. It’s the color of the sky and water and the color that I always use when I’m painting Icons, and my favorite person on the world my grandpa, he had blue eye and he was most important person in my life and because of him I am here today in London competing for Miss World.

If you can choose which designer will design your gown, who it will be and why?

It would be and it is my designer Ivana Roland, because she knows me soo good. And together we always make something incredible, you will see me on the final night and you can tell me your opinion…

Milica Vuklis (4)What particular place in London do you really want to see?

I would love to see Chelsea’s stadium and to see my friends from Serbia that are playing there, Also I would like to visit the tower of London…

 What will make you stand-out at Miss World 2014?

Absolutely my talent Icon painting, and my BWAP project. I am the first contestant in Miss World that is doing  Icon painting for her talent and in world its really rear talent and there is not so many people who know how to do it perfectly…


Among the countries participating at Miss World, which one do you think should you watch out for?

There are several girls that I love and that I think can get the crow and that they deserve to be Miss World, but most important thing is that you give your best, not to look what others are doing… So I am focusing on my talent, BWAR project, interviews, sports challenge…


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