It has now been a week since Femina Miss India 2017 pageant kicked off and I must say the Organization has earnestly proved its saying “We are Changing”. Post the arrival, Femina Miss India contestants have been wonderfully showcased before the pageant aficionados and critics via various live videos, behind the scenes videos, interviews and so forth. So without any further delay let’s talk about the coveted Miss India 2017 pageant scrupulously.

The Front-Runners

In my pre-arrival hotpicks, Sana Dua, Maira Chowdhury, Manushi Chhillar and Navpreet Kaur were my definitive picks for the Top 4 titles of Femina Miss India 2017. Rumours have it that this year Femina Miss India will be sending delegates to Miss World, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International and Miss United Continents. Keeping the four titles in the mind, I believe the formerly mentioned delegates are certainly top notch but can face a run for their money with the tough competition given by Aishwarya Devan and Anukriti Gussain.

Now many may call it a supremacy or prejudice towards the north zone delegates but believe it or not, the north zone is here with a prowess to claim the zenith and I am pretty sure at least two of the winners of Femina Miss India 2017 would come from this zone. Since it is too early to release another hotpick, I would rather choose not to rank the delegates, but instead state the specific features of each of the frontrunners.

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Sana Dua is a lawyer by profession, she is tall and has an impeccable styling sense. She looks perfect even with her facial flaws. She is spontaneous and has a constructive social media image. I still have her locked in my Top 4. I won’t mind her seeing winning the main crown, and believe she could do very well in any international pageant given her social background. Sana can effectively address the problems of Jammu Kashmir at Miss World or Miss Grand International considering she has a confident personality and pleasant speaking skills.

Maira Chowdhury has an excellent academic background and having a delegate like her at Femina Miss India is surely a bonus for the Organization. She is not here to be wasted. With that amazing eloquence, I see her doing wonders at any international pageant, especially at Miss Supranational and Miss World. Maira has a bang on body and her congenial aura just adds up to the vibrant personality she owns.

Next I have Anukriti Gussain in my list. Anukriti is more confident and vivacious than before and has surely worked on her flaws. She has a wonderful face to be smitten for, and I do see her winning one of the titles as of now. However, having said that, I still feel that Anukriti has a long way to go if she is eyeing on the Miss World India title as she sounds a little rehearsed while speaking. If she could ease out a bit while communicating, she would do wonders.

Thereafter I have my eyes on Manushi Chhillar. Manushi is a budding doctor and has a subtle yet promising aura. Manushi comes across as a friendly, congenial and wonderful lady, the qualities which are needed to radiate at any international pageant. She is doing great so far, however she needs to come out of her shell a bit if she is aiming for the Miss World India title.

Joining the Top 6 batch of front-runners in this review is Aishwarya Devan. Aishwarya has a flawless face, and it would not be wrong if I say that facially she is one of the most striking candidates in the pageant.  She is telegenic and photogenic and stands out effectively. She could be a great representative for Miss United Continents pageant. If she could enhance her communication skills, she can be on the higher plane.

Completing the list of frontrunners is Navpreet Kaur. For anyone who has seen Navpreet perform it should not come as a surprise. She exudes verve and confidence like no one else. She owns the stage like it’s her to lose! Having said that, she must tone down a bit in order to appear spontaneous and she is good to go.

The Game Changers

The batch is incredibly sporty and competitive and we might get to see many surprise elements in the grand finale of Femina Miss India 2017. So let’s find out who are the dark horses of Femina Miss India 2017.

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Simran Choudhary is another beautiful contestant in the batch. I love the way she presents herself. She is calm, spontaneous and is being “herself” in the pageant, the fact for which I love her the most. Unlike few contestants who in order to stand out go overboard in videos and pictures, Simran very magnificently sticks to her serene persona, for which I give her ten on ten. She is definitely locked in Top 10 as of now with her rooted aura and talented mind, but she can also be a game changer in the coming days.

Soibam Kanchan is one of the strongest North Eastern candidates at Miss India 2017. She has an appealing aura. Her smile exudes confidence, warmth and poise. I am definitely rooting for her semi-final placement as of now.

Mannat Singh could also pull off surprise as the competition progresses. Mannat is the tallest candidate in the pageant and has a graceful aura to excel. If only she had a toned body and effortless speaking skills, she could be one of the major crown clinchers.

Next I have Shivankita Dixit in my list. This Bong beauty is charming and has an aura which gives an everlasting impression. She has always impressed in her candids and has a personality to change the direction of the game in the days to come.

In addition, Swathi Muppala could be a brilliant dark horse of the pageant. Informed on the eleventh hour to join the pageant, Swathi was not a disappointment at all. She has great stage presence and her composure is evident enough to put her on the list of one of the possible front runners of the game.

Bubbling Up

Now coming to those contestants whose efforts could not be negated as the competition for Femina Miss India crown is heating up.

miss india femina 2017 top 15

Vinali Bhatnagar has a lovely face to be smitten for. She looks lovely in candids as well as group shoots and has the charm to enter the semi-finals of the pageant.

Santoshi Ranaut could be another possible semi-finalist in the pageant. She looks charming and has a decent stage presence.

Triveni Barman is also one to watch for. She has effervescent aura and dazzles when she takes up the ramp.

Shrishti Vyakaranam is levelling up her game as the competition is progressing. She could be one to vouch for.

Sherlin Seth is playing her cards well. She has a great body and photogenic face. She has a persona to look for.

Concluding Thoughts

The competition of the batch is nerve wrecking and whosoever walks with the title of Femina Miss India 2017 would not only be worthy of the title but also be one of the toughest representatives of India at Miss World, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational and Miss United Continents. These were my Top 15 picks for the title of Femina Miss India, do not forget to share your opinions on the same in the comment section below. Until next post, see you! ?

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