We know how helpful good pageant tips can be to those who are preparing for their big day. Here’s our top ten:

1. Keep smiling! Practice maintaining a natural smile in the weeks leading up to your pageant performance. You should be enjoying your experience at a pageant, and if you are enjoying yourself a smile will come naturally, so focus on having fun and it will benefit you all round.
2. Be yourself. Judges can see through falseness and will be far more impressed with an honest performance than someone who is trying to be something they are not. Always be honest from start to finish.
3. Avoid comparisons. Do not compare yourself with other contestants. There is only one you and you are there to be judged on what you bring to the table as an individual. Comparing yourself with others will only serve as a distraction and could lead to unnecessary tensions.
4. Persevere. Few pageant winners are successful on their first attempt. If you are determined and believe you can win then keep trying and stay positive.
5. Posture. Hold your head up and imagine the crown on your head. This will not only aid with a positive mental attitude but it will also help you to stand tall with fantastic posture.
6. Confidence, poise and stage presence. Remember these attributes as they are what will win the competition. It is not necessarily the most attractive, slimmest or even most talented girl who will win but the one who shows the most confidence, poise and stage presence.
7. Practice. If you want to feel sure of yourself on stage the only true way is to know you have practiced and are prepared. Be sure to perform your talent for an audience before the competition as this will make it much more natural for you on the day.
8. Know yourself. Form opinions and be decent about who you are. Before you enter a pageant you should know exactly how you feel about current matters and more personal opinions like your favorite pastimes. Procrastination will not win favor with the judges.
9. Use the bathroom before your interview and before the show itself.
10. Get plenty of sleep on the week of your pageant.


Source by Suzy O’Connor

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