Venezuela is in trouble. Everybody should know it by now but we are not just talking about its economy crippled by hyperinflation nor about the politics hijacked by the Chavistas. We are talking about the status of Venezuela in the pageantry world. All of us seems to be used with Venezuela being called as one of the semifinalists in Big5 pageants so much so that if a Venezuelan beauty queen is left out, that in itself would become the story of the day.

The pageantry year 2016 shows that Venezuela is in trouble and in particular, Osmel Sousa. The czar of beauty failed miserably as he both floundered in Miss World and Miss Universe. Osmel also lost the franchise of Miss Earth but nevertheless, Venezuela did perform well at the pageant. However, it is without doubt that it was in Miss Supranational 2016 that the problems of Venezuela was amplified.

Valeria Vespoli, Miss Supranational Venezuela 2016, was thought to be the runaway winner in Poland. Alas, because of the reasons that some of us might know, she lost by what is assumed a hair-thin margin. This is not really a good news for Osmel Sousa and for Venezuela in general. What happened in Miss Supranational 2016 shows that Venezuela has lost its clout in the pageantry world.

As the country slowly descends into chaos, it is very probable that the decline of Venezuela will continue this year. And as the Miss Supranational 2016 pageant demonstrated, the Venezuelan sash is no longer a threat. It is probably the right time for Osmel Sousa to disappear and hand over the reigns to the new bloods. But for now, Venezuela must first fix itself not just economically and politically but in pageantry as well.



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