MISS WORLD 2015 Hot Picks No. 6

  1. AUSTRALIA – this girl is getting popular by the day. Tees Alexander is a finalist at Top Model, Talent Challenge as well as on the Sports and Fitness Challenge. This girl is simply a well-rounded individual and her sweet aura is helping her a lot.
  2. RUSSIA – a sophisticated beauty, Sofia Nikitchuk is one of the Top 30 at the Top Model challenge. Her elegance and sophistication will surely help her to become of the Top 5 at the finals.
  3. BRAZIL – Catharina Choi has been earning praises from diverse beauty pageant analyst. Her bi-racial features allowed her to become of the 30 candidates short-listed in the Top Model challenge and her elegant black dress was one of the 10 finalists for the World Designer contest.
  4. COLOMBIA – Colombia’s first ever Miss World? Why not! She may not be faring well in several challenges but we could see a surprise at the finals. Remember, these challenge events may not count as much as we wanted it to!
  5. INDIA – Aditi Arya represents a nation that is pretty strong at Miss World. The sash alone carries a lot of weight but Aditi has also shown that she is a fabulous contestant by her own merits.



  1. LEBANON – Touted as the possible next Miss World, the sweet aura of Valerie Abou Chacra took the attention of beauty analyst.
  2. VIETNAM – One of the consistent delegates at Miss World 2015, Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê is Top 30 at Top Model, one of the 10 contestants selected at the World Designer Dress contest and is one of the candidates that will perform for dances of the world.
  3. PHILIPPINES – Hillarie Parungao has been shining in the critical competitions of Miss World. Many thought she will be ignored considering that she is in a hostile territory.
  4. SOUTH AFRICA – Liesl Laurie was largely underrated but she proved her critics wrong. Watch out of this girl!
  5. POLAND – Marta Pałucka is proving constantly to the beauty watchers why she is a heavy favorite from the beginning. She did well at the Top Model contest which is relevant signifier that she is in the right road to the crown.






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