Miss World 2015 3rd Official Hot Picks

1. Portugal (Rafaela Pardete) 
2. Vietnam (Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê)
3. Poland (Marta Pałucka)
4. Mexico (Yamelin Ramirez)
5. Haiti (Seydina Allen)

6. Chile (Fernanda Sobarzo)
7. Russia (Sofia Nikitchuk)
8. Brazil (Catharina Choi Nunes)
9. South Africa (Liesl Laurie)
10. Mongolia (Anu Namshiryn)

11. France (Hinarere Taputu)
12. Thailand (Thunchanok Moonnilta)
13. Dominican Republic (Cinthya Núñez)
14. Gabon (Reine Ngotala)
15. India (Aditi Arya)


Until all the delegates arrive in Sanya, it is extremely hard to predict what exactly is going to be the outcome of Miss World 2015.  There is no obvious template as to what Miss World is really looking for a winner each year, but one can come up with the realization that every year, a different type of girl gets crowned based on demographic, economic and political reasons.  Yes, it may be the easiest pageant to predict, after analyzing the results of all the challenge (formerly known as “fast track”) events, but it is hard to make an interesting write up about the delegates prior to all those indicators.  By looking at mere photos and videos of the delegates, we can never be sure if such girl gets the nod of the Miss World organization because we have seen several beautiful and well-spoken girls in the past who ended up being ignored in the challenge/fast track events, and ended up clapping in the finals.

Within this week, the Miss World delegates will start arriving in beautiful Sanya.  What a “beautiful” way to welcome that with the very lovable and charming Miss World Portugal, Rafaela Pardete, topping our list.  This may come up as a surprise, but don’t be easily swayed by mere hype on the more popular candidates.  Rafaela is a hardworking young woman.  She has competed in several international pageants prior to winning the Miss Republica Portuguesa 2015 title.  Last year, she was loved by many at the Miss International 2014 pageant, but unfortunately got booted out from the Top 10, which we believed was the result of a horrible gown choice.  While her Miss International stint was because of an appointment, she was still qualified to compete at the most prestigious pageant in Portugal. The Miss Republica Portuguesa pageant is one of Europe’s most organized national pageants, and is also very respectable.  This year, all the finalists got the chance to visit Tunisia for a tour and shooting of their reality show.  After weeks of exciting pageant events, it was Rafaela who emerged as the top winner, and deserving she was!

Vietnam’s Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê is now fired up with the recent victory of her compatriot at the Miss International 2015 pageant. At No.2, we expect Trần to be supported highly by her organization, now that her government has allowed a separate Miss World Vietnam pageant to specifically choose the rightful delegate who is truly beauty with a purpose.   Meanwhile, Poland’s Marta Pałucka, whom many dubbed as the “Face of the Pageant” is in third spot, and is a product of a new Polish organization holding the Miss World franchise.  There is this belief, although not totally accurate, that when a new franchise holder sends a delegate to Miss World, that girl gets an automatic spot in the semifinals, especially if she comes from a country with a long pageant tradition.  Well, Poland hosted Miss World in 2006, and they have won this crown once, so they definitely have a strong pageant following there.


Mexico’s Yamelin Ramirez is now being eyed by many as the future Queen of the Americas, while many also believe that with boycott that was about to happen at Miss Universe, this would give her a political advantage.  But lo and behold, Mexico has changed heart and they just announce that they are going to compete at Miss Universe.  To be fair with this Mexican stunner, we believe that she can still impress the judges based on her own merits, and does not need politics at all!

And then at fifth place is the smart and exotic Seydina Allen of Haiti.  For several years, the Miss World organization has been doing a lot of charitable works in Haiti, but the Miss World delegate from this impoverished Caribbean nation has not yet placed in the pageant since their come back.  In 1975, they were 5th Runner-up courtesy of Joelle Apollon.

Fernanda Sobarzo of Chile is still holding strong at sixth place.  With an outstanding national director supporting her, we expect a much more prepared Chilean representative in Sanya this year.  Russia, which prioritized Miss World over Miss Universe, should be confident with Sofia Nikitchuk, who is at seventh spot.  It won’t be a surprise if Sofia is going to win it all for mother Russia!

The beautiful Catharina Choi Nunes, the Korean-Brazilian with a huge Miss Earth following, is carrying the mighty sash of Brazil.  She has been undergoing a series of training and foreign trips aimed at developing and polishing her social skills, as well as strengthening her mental preparedness.  She is in eighth place.  Following her, in ninth spot, is the delegate from the current titleholder, South Africa’s Liesl Laurie.  Although a back-to-back victory is unlikely to happen, as of the moment, Liesl is Africa’s flag bearer and Miss World has always been kind to South Africa, and there is no reason why they should ignore Liesl, who is just as charming and lovable as Rolene.  And wrapping up our Top 10 is Mongolia’s Anu Namshiryn, the winner in a hotly contested Miss World Mongolia 2015 pageant where she battled it out against Bela (who is now competing at Miss Earth 2015) and won the title against the latter.  This top model was also a former Miss Mongolia and competed at Miss International 2013.


France will be represented by a beautiful Tahitian this year, and she is none other than Hinarere Taputu, who was 1st Runner-up at last year’s Miss France.  At 11th spot, we are expecting this Pacific goddess to do well in the Top Model, and if applicable, in the Beach Beauty competition. Thailand’s Thunchanok Moonnilta may just be Southeast Asia’s strongest rival for Vietnam, and she is at 12th position.  Dominican Republic’s Cinthya Núñez is a statuesque beauty, and another strong contender from the Caribbean.  She is in 13th place.  Meanwhile, Gabon’s Reine Ngotala and India’s Aditi Arya complete our hot picks at 14th and 15th place, respectively.

As soon as the delegates arrive in Sanya, this whole list will totally change after evaluating the performance of each delegate in the all-important Top Model and Beauty with a Purpose qualifying rounds.



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