1. SPAIN – Great stage performer and incredibly photogenic.  She has the typical Miss Supranational facial template – beautiful face and angelic aura.
2. MEXICO – Still a strong contender for the crown.  Like we said in the previous Hot Picks, it’s a battle between her and Spain.
3. PANAMA – A newcomer in our Hot Picks, this sexy vixen can easily capture the crown, which will be the second crown for her country, which is the home of WBA.
4. PHILIPPINES – She is slowly inching her way tot he top!  Although not so many believed in her at the beginning, she is determined to prove them wrong!
5. DOMINICAN REP – The strongest ebony beauty this year.  She will avenge the injustice that her country experienced at Miss Earth last year, when an ebony Dominican – who has similarities with her – was denied of a semis placement.

6. MALAYSIA – She has definitely peaked up as the days progress, and is now slowly entering the upper ranks.  She is statuesque with a great stage presence.
7. INDONESIA – This exotic beauty is very visible in many activities and is said to be very friendly to everyone.
8. INDIA – A great follow-up from last year’s winner, she is very pretty but needs to experiment on different looks.
9. USA – This red-haired princess is a head turner, but is said to be a bit demure. Maybe she is saving for the real deal.
10. RWANDA – Although she is a bit short, one cannot ignore her beautiful face and captivating smile!

11. POLAND – The host delegate always radiant despite sporting a very simple look.
12. JAPAN – Although not as prominent as most Asian delegates, she is very determined to win.
13. PARAGUAY – She is one of the strongest delegates from Latin America, and might pull a pleasant surprise come finals night.
14. CANADA – Her face is considered to be one of the prettiest in this edition of Miss Supranational. This might be Canada’s time to get a runner-up placement or a continental crown.
15. ESTONIA – She is looking prettier and prettier, and like we had said before, the blonde hair suits well on her!

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