Warsaw, Poland – There’s no more turning back!  Miss Supranational, one of the most spectacular beauty pageants in the world with high class production and exciting final gala, officially kicks off in the historical Poland, with more than 80 outstanding ladies vying for the crown currently being held by Asha Bhat of India.  Who will be her successor?

In our 1st Official Hot Picks, our experts have gathered that it is Indonesia, Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, who is the hottest delegate as of the moment!  Hundreds and thousands of fans are rallying behind her participation, which even started since her coronation as 2nd Runner-up at the prestigious Puteri Indonesia pageant.  Will she become Indonesia’s first internationally crowned queen?  If that happens, it will be a huge celebration for the world’s largest Muslim nation!  Following Gresya si the unstoppable Mexico, Karina Stephania Martín Jiménez, who was the runner-up at Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2014 pageant.  This year marks Miss Supranational’s seventh year, and the crown has reached the American continent only once.  Karina may be the next one to bring the prestigious title back to American soil, and Mexico will have a huge fiesta for sure.  India‘s Aafreen Rachael Vaz is in close third, and she is the crown defender.  Will India achieve a back-to-back win this soon?  It is not impossible because we know that Aafreen is a great follow-up to Asha, now that Femina has decided to upgrade the Miss Supranational national title as the runner-up to the Femina Miss India winner.  Chile‘s Valentina Schnitzer is in fourth place.  She is one of the very few products of a separate Miss Supranational national competition, and that has to be recognized.  Valentina is a total package, having a supermodel face, a sexy body and a great personality.  Completing our initial Top 5 is the very sexy Raquel Bonilla of Spain, who was one of the most memorable contestants at this year’s Miss Universe Spain contest, where she emerged as 1st Runner-up.

The rest of ranking is as follows:

6. Vietnam (Nguyen Thi Le Quyen)
7. USA (Kelly Kirstey)
8. Poland (Ada Sztajerowska)
9. Israel (Hodaya Cohen)
10. Colombia (Mónica Castaño Agudelo)
11. Jamaica (Regina Harding)
12. Mauritius (Helena Desmarais)
13. Japan (Mieko Takeuchi)
14. Hungary (Valentina Toth)
15. Sweden (Stina Nordlander)
16. Gabon (Sindiely Obone)
17. Slovak Rep (Petra Denkova)
18. Ecuador  (Maria Emilia Cevallos Cuesta)
19. Philippines (Rogelie Catacutan)
20. Thailand (Tharathip Baitoey Sukdarunpat)




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