Miss Multiverse Croatia (Maja Curavić) wins first runner-up


Maja Curavic won the sympathy of the jury of the beauty contest Miss Multiverse in the Dominican Republic where she took the title of first runner-up. The first place title winner of the Mrs Multiverse category was Kazakhstan while the second runner from Romania. In the same place there was a Miss Multiverse, a beautiful title went to Brazil. The first runner up is from Latvia, and the other from Germany. 

Beautiful and sexy from Sibenik Maja Curavić Croatia represents the Miss Multiverse in the category of lady who started 8.studenog in the Dominican Republic, and closes with the beauty of this Saturday. Beautiful from Sibenik appears to us with first impressions and, as we discovered appears to read for one of the favorites.

In the new competition in the Dominican Republic, which will be held in Punta Canu, Maja went confident and dress her again created šibenska designer Gina Grbin. I have no doubt that their beauty, intellect or the attractiveness win the jury.

-Finale In this Saturday evening starts at nine o’clock, the time difference is five hours. It’s beautiful here, you can see the pictures on my Facebook profile as much as this place is magical. I’m one of the favorites as the lady is concerned, but I would not want to predict anything. All the girls are beautiful, and the organizers have made an effort to feel comfortable, so that we are all ‘maze and watch’ here. Days are filled with various activities, for example, just go to swim with dolphins-told us in May, which is currently in the Caribbean.

Beautiful Sibenik girls this year’s selection for the lady is already the third in her career. She ran for Mrs. Globe 2007 in California where she won seventh place. Last year he also participated in the Miss Multiverse, where she was first runner-up ladies of the world.

-Best I of course with our representative for Miss Barbara Ljiljak from Split, it’s nice when after ten testify in English, can speak words to our Dalmatian in the middle of the Caribbean, but sometimes even the voice comment on a girl, and that no one understands. My roommate is Mrs Kazakhstan, also a very good woman, then Brazilian and Colombian that little weaker speak English and they help the translation into Italian, but basically all we’re good and there are no tricks and ugly gossip. At least for now, but as the finale approaches, there may be up to jealous rages, we’ll see još- story in May.

With the fun and friendships that will acquire, in May will bring along more experience, because as he says suspected to be with his teaching salary could afford such luxury. – The organization is perfect, we are located in a five-star Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana, where one bed per person per day costs $ 500, this is something that I’ve prosvjetarskom with his salary could never afford-story May.

FOTO: Šibenčanka Maja Curavić jedna od favoritkinja na izboru za naj gospođu svijeta – Grad Šibenik i Šibensko – kninska županija

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Na izboru za Mrs Multiverse Maja Curavić prva pratilja – Grad Šibenik i Šibensko – kninska županija

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