Nearly a month to go and the delegates will arrive in the exciting metropolitan city of Tokyo for the 56th Miss International Beauty Pageant, final night to be held at the Tokyo Dome Hotel on October 27th.  More than 40 delegates have been confirmed, so far, and dozens more are expected to be revealed in the days to come.

Topping the list is Magdalena Bieńkowska, the reigning Miss Polski whom many expected to compete in Miss Universe or Miss Supranational.  But alas, the speculations ended when it was finally revealed that Magdalena will go to Tokyo, which means that her organization is indeed very serious into winning the Miss International crown because this is the second year in a row that the Miss Polski winner is representing Poland at Miss International.  It is very rare for a nationally crowned winner to compete at Miss International, and Poland’s gesture of doing this for two consecutive years just proves that last year’s failure to penetrate the Top 10 did not discourage them to send their national queen.  Magdalena, no doubt, has the face to become one of Miss International’s most beautiful and memorable winners if she wins the crown.  She is also well-versed in the English language, and has the natural youthful vibe that is well-appreciated in this pageant.

Felicia Hwang of Indonesia moved up into the ladder, and is now in second place.  Rumors have it that Felicia is training in the Philippines to secure the country’s first ever Miss International crown, and we at Missosology believe that she is perfectly capable of achieving it!  Aside from her classical Oriental look, Felicia’s major asset is her ability to communicate effectively and intellectually.  If Felicia wins, it will be Indonesia’s first ever Big 5 win, and will surely be celebrated in her country.

ivannaEcuador’s Ivanna Abad is new on our list, and she made headlines when she replaced the original Miss Ecuador 1st Runner-up, Bianka Fuentes who was supposed to be designated as Miss Internacional Ecuador 2016, but gave up the title for unknown reason.  Ivanna was 2nd Runner-up at Miss Ecuador 2016, and naturally, she moved up the ladder and inherited the Miss Internacional Ecuador title.  This may come as a blessing in disguise because Ivanna’s beauty is more suitable for Miss International, and she is taller than Bianka.  Back in 2011, Maria Fernanda Cornejo was also 2nd Runner-up at Miss Ecuador 2011 and went on to win the Miss International 2011 crown in Chengdu, China.

In 4th Place is the newly crowned Miss Internacional Panama 2016, Daniela Ochoa, a native of Panama City and was crowned by Edymar Martinez last week during the final gala. Panama won the Miss International crown in 1998, but looks like they are poised to win their second crown with the stunningly elegant Daniela.  Profile-wise, Daniela has the look that fits the Miss International crown.

Completing our Magic 5 is Mexico‘s very own Geraldine Ponce.  Since her designation as Miss Internacional Mexico 2016, nothing much was heard about Geraldine, thus her drop in the ranking, but we are confident that she is preparing very hard for the competition. With a goddess-like facial beauty, one cannot just simply ignore such beauty and we are expecting a lot from Geraldine when she arrives in Japan.


From No.1 in our 1st Hot Picks, Kylie Verzosa of the Philippines dropped to No. 6.  But this should not dishearten her fans because this is just the 2nd Hot Picks, and anything can change especially when the delegates will start arriving in Tokyo next month.  Kylie is very photogenic, but being put in the spotlight during our 1st Hot Picks has exposed her to several criticisms.  She needs to be more versatile in her posing too, because it seems that she is avoiding being caught outside the usual side view pose.

At No. 7 is Venezuela’s Jessica Duarte, but her preparation seems to be a top secret!  Jessica, is in a very difficult situation right now, because no delegate from the country of the current titleholder has entered the semifinals since 2011.  Even the semifinal streak of the Philippines was stopped in 2014 when Bea Rose Santiago passed the crown to Valerie Hernandez of Puerto Rico.  Will Jessica break the spell, or even go further and secure the first ever back-to-back win at Miss International?

Denmark’s Sara Danielsen is in 8th Place, and this may come as a surprise to many, but Sara is being managed by a formidable team which is willing to learn everything just to give the best preparation for their delegate in international competitions.  Sara has a very vibrant personality and her unique Nordic look will surely be a hit in Japan!

Meanwhile in 9th Place is the very intelligent Miss International Hungary, Csillag Szabo, who was the first delegate to be crowned (she was elected on July 19th 2015), and is the most prepared contestant this year!  Watch out for her when she opens her mouth because she is a polished debater and has a great sense of knowledge with European and global politics!  Miss International Organization should keep on eye on this girl because they badly need someone who can communicate with the dignitaries when the Top 5 girls come back to Japan for their duties.

New Zealand’s Jess Tyson still remains strong at 10th Place.  It may be unfair to quote that her blondness is her main asset at the pageant, but one cannot deny that in Japan, blondes are being worshipped.  But Jess is more than that!  She is amiable, friendly and has a genuine heart to serve the less fortunate.

Peru‘s Danea Panta is in 11th Place, although many think that her grooming is well suited for Miss Universe.   Finland‘s Emilia Seppänen dropped to 12th Place because we have not heard about her since her crowning.  Bolivia also dropped to 13th Place although we expect her to be back on top in the next ranking.  Slovakia and UK, two strong contenders from Europe complete the Top 15.





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