The Miss International 2015 competition will come into conclusion several hours from now and as the excitement builds, Missosology asked its pageant analysts, experts and correspondents for the ultimate decision. For days, they have focused their attention to the delegates of the first ever Big4 Pageant of the year. Some observed from the comforts of their home while some were able to meet, chat and mingle with the ladies. While the conclusion on who is going to win the new – but not so really different crown – is very varied, a pattern has emerged.

Quiet, steady and determined, Miss Brazil Isis Stocco is the predicted winner of Missosology for the Miss International 2015 crown. Isis is very glamorous, stylish and has the character of a candidate that the pageant is looking for. For the Japanese, her serene aura and effortless beauty matches with the ideals of their culture. Isis Stocco may not have started strong but she has been consistent all throughout and it looks like she is the one who will lead the way to the finish line.

Miss Venezuela Edymar Martínez has a very genuine attitude. Her teen-age vibe and affable character makes her the darling of the crowd and her co-candidates. She is of course aware that she carries a heavy sash but instead of being pressured or acting like a diva, she established good rapport towards everyone else. With a top-notch beauty like hers matched with a likable character, Venezuela is ready for another feather in their cap.

On the third place is Miss Philippines Janicel Lubina. While she is rather inconsistent, it looks like her game plan is to save her best punches on the final round. This is evident on her superb National Costume performance where she showed unrelenting charisma and elegance. From that moment, she is already shelling out her best weapons and it looks like she is poised to wow everyone during the finals night. Janicel knew that the judgment day is on November 5 and she is saving the best where it matters most.


Miss Honduras Jennifer Valle is on the fourth place and she is one of the candidates that caught the attention of our correspondents and analysts. This Latina beauty is just mesmerizing and her lithe body is simply divine to look at. Above all, she is not only beautiful but also approachable. She is well trained and she has prepared well for the competition. Look at her national costume. It is very evident that she is in the competition to win and not just to participate.

Number 5 on the list is Miss Mexico Lorena Sevilla. Her soft beauty and her confident aura makes her one of the candidates that can really win the crown. Her smile is contagious, her eyes shine like stars and she walks like an angel atop the clouds. Her style simply amplifies her soft beauty and it is rather ironic given how Mexican beauties could sometimes project fierce Latina aura. While the competition is tough, Lorena’s chances of snatching the third Miss International crown for Mexico is very much alive.

6.) Miss USA Lindsay Becker – An all-American blonde beauty that is definitely a head-turner. She may not caught the attention of the many but she is one of the candidates that is to watch out for.

7.) Miss Hungary Linda Szunai – the strongest candidate from Europe. Classy, simply elegant and with a beauty that easily stands out from the rest.

8.) Miss Ecuador Daniela Armijos – an early favorite whose statuesque physique is her major strength. Don’t be surprised if she will fare strongly and even win the title on November 5!

9.) Miss Kenya Eunice Onyango – the strongest African delegate. She should rank higher but given the record of Miss International, Eunice has the odds stacked against her. Let’s hope Miss International has changed and decided to become more welcoming towards diversity in beauty.

10.) Miss Japan Arisa Nakagawa – the host delegate has been gracious, sweet and very accommodating. She did her duties well and is exuded the unmistakable Oriental charm.

11 – Thailand :: Sasi Sintawee
12 – New Zealand :: Hayley Rose Coombe
13 – Canada :: Kathryn Kohut
14 – Panama :: Jhasmeiry Herrera Evans
15 – Spain :: Christina Silva Cano


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