Miss Diva Universe is back with its new edition and the new batch could not be more commendable! Miss Diva 2017 is a batch filled with tantalizing, vivacious and confidence oozing ladies, and unlike last two years, the competition in this edition seems cutthroat. The only flaw of the edition is that Miss Universe pageant requires at least a year devoted to top notch training programme in order to stand out remarkably in the crowd, which the new Miss Universe India won’t be able to receive.

Front Runners

Unlike last two years wherein there were clear two three stand outs, this year it is everybody’s game, which is the best thing I like this year. There are no clear favourites and though there are only fifteen semi-finalists, each one of them possess a distinctive quality to impress the audience and the judges. I will wait for the introduction videos and swimsuit portraits to release, before I could make up my mind for the front runners or dark horses.

Thoughts Over Crossovers

Only two crossovers are present in the batch, first, Vijaya Sharma, who has already represented India internationally at Miss Supranational 2013, where she placed as a Top 20 semi-finalist. Apart from her, Apeksha Porwal, who was crowned as Femina Miss India Delhi 2015 is also contending for the title of Miss Universe India 2017.

Though both of the beauties are great in their presentation, and holds impressive personality to shine in the crowd, I believe chance to a fresh face must be given. Last year, Srinidhi Shetty, who was a debutant at Miss Diva proved out to be an amazing representative of India at Miss Supranational, eventually winning the crown. Analogously, fresh candidates might prove to be pleasant surprise this year too.

roshmitha harimurthy

Miss Universe India 2016, Roshmitha Harimurthy during swimsuit preliminary competition at Miss Universe 2016

First Impressions

In the upcoming review, I will be ranking the contestants based on their overall personality, eloquence, body language and fitness. However, here I am reviewing the contestants alphabetically, in no particular order. So let’s get started!

  1. Apeksha Porwal-

I still remember when I first spoke to Apeksha during Femina Miss India Delhi 2015. Her composure, soothing body language and poise is something which will leave you wanting to see more of her. If only Times Group had the franchises of Miss International, Apeksha would have been a praiseworthy candidate. Her demeanour is suited more for the pageants which admire the subtle beauty.

  1. Ekta Jaggi-

Modelesque, tall and poised are few adjectives which come to my mind when I see Ekta Jaggi. She seems vivacious, which is a great thing to make an impact in any pageant.

  1. Elisha Mayor-

Elisha Mayor seems like Aditi Arya Version 2.0. Having seen her speak in one of the small bites at Miss Diva 2017 Unveiling Photoshoot, she seems articulate. Although she sounded a bit rehearsed, and if she goes on to polish her spontaneous side, she might wow the audience in coming journey.

  1. Menka Rai-

Menka by far appears to be polished, smart and modest. The way she handles herself on stage is impressive. I am waiting to see more of her!

  1. Monika Chaudhary-

Sleek, sexy and bold will be few terms which define the first impression of Monika in my mind. She looks tempting.

  1. Peden Ongmu Namgyal-

WOW!  That was the first reaction that popped up in my mind when I first saw Peden. Honestly, I would never mind if she is crowned as Miss Universe India 2017. Until this juncture, Peden has come closest to the radar of front runner in my opinion. She looks exotic, amiable and her smile steals all the limelight. I am waiting to hear her speak, in order to decide if she will be the best spokesperson for Miss Universe pageant from India or not.

  1. Shannon Gonsalves-

If I were to name the most graceful contestant of this batch, it has to be Shannon till this juncture. She looks refined and oozes confidence.

  1. Shelly Kataria-

Though I am yet to hear her speak, Shelly apart from Peden is also close to my radar of Miss Universe India 2017 favourites. She looks impressive and stands out in the crowd well. Her smile is enticing enough to remember her. She could easily be named as the Face of the Batch.

  1. Shraddha Shashidhar-

The lady needs no introduction! Having seen her rampwalk and eloquence, I must say she is an clever find of Miss Diva Organization. She is here to slay, and I won’t be surprised if I see her in Top 3 finalists spot during the grand finale.

  1. Sonali Singh-

Impressive body and killer rampwalk skills make Sonali a smart candidate contesting for Miss Diva 2017. She is photogenic and appears to be a strong contestant.

  1. Spatika Surapaneni-

Perseverance of this young lady shows in the way she presents herself. Incredibly fit and modelesque, Spatika looks a sturdy contestant!

  1. Swetha Gadad-

Swetha seems like having a congenial demeanour and her smile just makes her look all the more desirable. I will be glad if she is chosen to represent India at Miss Supranational. Her delicate personality would definitely be praised at the said pageant.

  1. Tejaswini Manogna-

Tejaswini suits more in the prototype of Femina Miss India World. She is subtly beautiful and gives soothing vibes of her personality.

  1. Trisha Sood-

She reminds me of Alankrita Sahai. Fresh, exotic and vivacious, she seems like a complete package by now. Although I am yet to decipher her eloquence based on her communication skills, I must say if she aces her speaking skills, she could be a good representative of India internationally.

  1. Vijaya Sharma-

Vijaya suits more in the prototype of a print shoot model. She is bold and photogenic, and gives energetic vibes. However, it has been four years since she represented India internationally and many things have changed in the scenario of pageantry in these years, therefore, I believe fresh candidates must be given the chance to represent India at an international platform.

So these were my thoughts on Miss Diva 2017 batch and the contestants. Do share your opinions in the comment section below and let me know what you feel is in fate of India at Miss Universe 2017! Until then, see you! ?

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