After 63 years of waiting, Iris Mittenaere brought home the crown for France

Iris Mittenaere is glad that she is finally back home where every sights and smell are familiar and where she can speak her native language with gusto! This is after months of conversing in English as she went around New York for endless interviews and public appearances. Nevertheless, she is also happy with her stay in New York because she improved her English a lot.

As a Frenchwoman in America, Iris found comfort on well – hamburgers! But how can she maintain her figure? Well, she said that she exercised twice a week at a gym located right next to where she’s staying in New York.

There was even a political question for Iris Mittenaere during the press conference. She was asked about the controversial war on drugs in the Philippines, the country where she was crowned, to which she replied: “It is sad to think that this is a pressing problem but they should fight harder. I stayed in the Philippines for a couple of weeks and this is a beautiful country with many different islands. Filipinos should focus on the positive side, eliminate the problems with drugs and focus more on the beauty of their country.”

Iris recalled the best moments she had in the Philippines and that she missed the most is the Philippine mango fruit. Is there any chance that France will host the Miss Universe like the Philippines did? Sylvie Tellier, the Miss France national director, said that it is up to Esther Swan and the Miss Universe Organization. Esther, who is also in attendance, said that she would love to have the pageant in France.

And yes, Iris got a love life too! Sorry gentlemen but this beauty has a boyfriend named Matthieu. He is a pretty shy guy and doesn’t really want to be thrown into the public spotlight.

Meanwhile, Iris Mittenaere has an advise to the next Miss France. She said that the next Miss France should be “hungry for the crown” and “do her best to win”. Iris did exactly that and all throughout she maintained her strong desire and drive towards victory.

Texts and photos by Uno Rodriguez / Missosology-France 



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