Donald Trump is battling with a beauty queen

Donald Trump — who is sparring with Mexico and the Univision network, and was just dumped by NBC — has a separate battle with a beauty queen in Amsterdam.

Linda Grandia, a former Miss Holland, is accusing Trump of attempting to destroy the international Miss Multiverse pageant she’s been building for five years.

 Trump’s legal team claims Miss Multiverse violates his Miss Universe trademark, citing Grandia’s use of the term “Miss.” He’s sued other contests over “Miss” in the past.

He also objected to the syllable “verse,” as in “Universe” and “Multiverse,” claiming it will confuse the public.

“It’s pure nonsense,” Grandia told me. “Mr. Trump seems to think he owns every letter in the alphabet. Pretty soon he will be trying to sue the state of Mississippi.”

Grandia is scheduled to conduct her next pageant, in Africa’s Republic of the Congo, as a reality television series later this year. But she might need a new name.

Miss Universe president Paula Shugart said, “We enforce our trademark all over the world.”

Author: Richard Johnson, NY Post

External Reference: Page Six – NY Post:

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