There is a silent but urgent desire within the Colombian pageantry infrastructure to produce another Miss Universe in the next year or so. Of course, that burden rests upon the Señorita Colombia contest and in the next few hours, a new queen will be hailed. Whoever she will be, the pressure is insurmountable. She will be tasked to accomplish a no easy feat – win Colombia’s third Miss Universe crown.


Why there is such an urgent desire? Let’s borrow Jack Sparrow’s words from the Pirates of the Caribbean: circumstances arose and forced compelling insight, regarding discretion and valor. In this case, instead of giving up, these circumstances actually paint a rosy picture for Colombia. Decades of heartaches finally ended during Miss Universe 2014 when Paulina Vega won the second Miss Universe crown for the country. And this is part of the so-called “circumstances”.


The other “circumstances” that forced Colombia for a compelling insight include the Miss Universe 2015 snafu. It should have been a back-to-back win for the country. For a Colombian fan, they were wronged and such transgression requires retribution of some sorts. Still, on the bright side, Ariadna Gutierrez finishing as first runner-up in 2015 may not be the outcome that Colombians wanted but it showed the new-found strength of their nation.

The Señorita Colombia 2017 candidates with Andrea Tovar as they arrive in Cartagena last week

Then came the 65th Miss Universe a.k.a. Miss Universe 2016. The retribution was supposed to be collected and Andrea Tovar came out strongly till the Top 3. She was actually emotional all through-out as if she could smell the crown already. Alas, she came short and her shocked faced when she was called as second runner-up actually reflected the collective mood of the Colombian nation.


The 2017 edition of Señorita Colombia could therefore be pivotal. Another “circumstances” is that neighboring Venezuela – once the bastion of undeniable pageantry power – is on decline. Venezuela is a rival of Colombia and the downfall of the other seems to equate the rise of the other. Colombia must strike while the iron is hot!


Missosology predicts that Yenniffer Hernández Jaimes of Santander will eventually be hailed as the new Señorita Colombia. If she prevails, she will carry the banner and prestige of one of the oldest and respected national beauty contests in the entire Latin American region. Second in the list is Vanessa Pulgarín Monsalve of Antioquia who is also a strong contender and could deliver the third Miss Universe crown for Colombia. Ranked third in the final Hot Picks meanwhile is Miss Atlántico Martha Martínez Insignares who may not be the favorite of public but has caught the eye of many analysts.

Missosology-Colombia, an affiliate of Missosology, published in their Instagram account that Yenniffer and Vanessa are strong contenders. These two women are likely to be the last two standing later tonight. But whoever wins, the mad rush towards the third crown will still have the same drive and passion. Colombia is full of optimism and energy and in most cases, this are enough to motivate the winner to strive harder to reach that ultimate goal – the Miss Universe crown glittering with all the diamonds, topaz and sapphire.

Do you think Colombia will win its third Miss Universe crown this 2017?






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