This year’s Miss Supranational beauty pageant is no doubt one of the most anticipated pageant events of the year.  Now on its eighth year, the newly recognized Big 5 Pageant has gathered topnotch delegates who are expected to arrive in Poland this week.  One of them is the beautiful Ornella Mariam J. Gunesekere, a 24-year-old sales executive from Colombo.  No stranger to pageantry, Ornella had represented the paradise island of Sri Lanka at Miss International 2010 when she was only 18.

1.) Tell us about yourself and the town where you grew up.

I grew up in the capital city of Colombo as the only girl in my entire family and was brought up by my amazing mother and father who showed us that hard work and faith are the keys to life. I would describe myself as an amicable, brave and persevering woman who enjoys the little things in life.lk2

2.) What will make you stand-out in Poland during the Miss Supranational competition?

I believe my attitude towards life and the unique experiences faced in my teenage and early 20’s, strengthened by God, have all groomed me into into a woman of courage, positivity and heart of joy.

3.) What is your reaction now that Miss Supranational is considered as one of the major international beauty pageants?

Simply put – I am honored. I am grateful for the privilege of being able to take Sri Lanka to Miss Supranational and bring my experiences at Miss Supranational back to Sri Lanka. This is the second time in 8 years that Sri Lanka is represented at this incredible platform and I will prove the beauty of my country and our people in a SUPRA – NATIONAL way


4.) How would you describe your country to your fellow candidates?

Sri Lanka is a paradise. It’s like this – if you visit Sri Lanka once… you’re going to come back again. It is diverse, we are world famous for our heritage and history and the beauty of our beaches and culture. Sri Lanka is an amalgamation of several factors that conribute to its beauty. Personally, I feel that it’s our people, the friendliness and hospitality that we portray in receiving guests and fellow citizens is what truly symbolises the wonder of Asia, Sri Lanka.

5.) Which country do you dream visiting since you were young and why?

Italy… I’m a romantic! I can fall in love with the people, the food, the architecture, the lure of it all. Also, my mother named me after the Italian actress Ornella Muti so I feel I have some Italian connection in my past life! I am also in the process of learning Italian.. “Io sono Ornella… Piacere di conoscerti!”


6.) Do you think that beauty pageants are outdated? Why or why not?

As someone who has been to 3 International pageants… My experience has taught me that beauty pageants have been one of the greatest elements that helped me grow as a woman. I have built relationships across nations, learned about different cultures, seen and learned from my weaknesses and been amazed by my strengths. I also found that there are many amazing people in this industry who genuinely want to see you grow in life and they become a huge part of your journey. I met an amazing choreographer at a pageant I was in and she supported and believed in me with such conviction that I grew in confidence and motivation. Thank you Sasikanya Silapong! Beauty pageants help a woman grow and I encourage the right ones.

7.) What do you think is the most important issue that affects us all and what do you think should be the solution?

We have the tendancy to forget we share this world with others. Whether it be nature, resources, water, air, food, work, the economy, families – we all share it. No one is here alone and if for some reason they feel that way, then we must be sensitive enough to understand and help. We should all feel some responsibility towards helping each other now and for our future. It does not only mean financially. We can support someone with $100 or a much needed hug… BOTH have power to influence and change a life.

I have always believed and will always believe that this one statement reflects both the problem and solution –

When the Power of Love overcomes the love FOR power – then this world will know Peace.


8.) What are your future plans beyond the Miss Supranational pageant?

I want to change the world’s perspective of Sri Lanka. My job at the Taj Samudra in Colombo and my supportive team of colleagues lead by a great boss has motivated me to look forward to making myself a valuable player in Sri Lankan hospitality and tourism. I want to bring Sri Lanka to the world and bring the world back to Sri Lanka…!


9.) Whats makes Miss Supranational different from other pageants?

Miss Supranational stands with the foundation that ”Beauty Unites the World,” and I came to an incredible realization of how TRUE this statement is on so many levels. As much as I want to share what I realized, I want you to follow all our journies at Miss Supranational 2016 as the beautiful women who infact unite the world. I promise it will be worth it.

10.) And finally a message to all of your fans at Missosology.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A special thank you to you, Mario, for giving me an opportunity to render my thoughts and share a glimpse of who I am.

I send you all love, Blessings and a heart full of thanks. As much as you all are fans to many beauty queens, I want to say I am a fan of you too!




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