Klaudia Parsberg’s unprecedented ascent to the crown and title barely moved her nerves. It is as if she is ready since Day One. As the first runner-up of the Face of Denmark, she has ample knowledge about the pressing environmental problems that the world is facing right now. It is not surprising then she was chosen to fill in after the original winner of Miss Earth Denmark 2016 relinquished her crown. That makes Klaudia truly deserving to compete for the Miss Earth 2016 crown and bring it home for Denmark once again.

Missosology managed to speak with Klaudia Parsberg in the middle of her preparation for the most awaited international contest. In this interview, she truly amazes us all with her clear grasp of environmental issues that face today.

Photos by: Kauther Al-Hamami

Makeup: Suror of Glamzone CPH

  • What do you think is the most urgent environmental concern that must be addressed right away and why?

Increased carbon dioxide and methane gas in the atmosphere.  These emissions are mainly caused by human activities that can be eliminated or reduced through alternative energies and changes in human activity.  By burning fossil fuels, production of natural gas and the cattle industry, leading scientists believe that these activities might very soon cause a two-degree rise in global temperature.  This rise will lead to an ice free Arctic circle, and in turn increase the three known greenhouses gasses of water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane gas.
Humanity is created to live under certain conditions, and if we continue to make an impact on our natural circumstances, it will threaten our survival. My desire is to bring hope and inspire others about what we can do about this problem, individually and together.

  • People are accusing Miss Earth as a pageant that is only about planting trees for publicity. How can you prove them wrong?

Through the Miss Earth Organization, each and every girl competing for the title of Miss Earth are doing an amazing job of inspiring and informing humanity about the ill effects of global warming and the environmental problems we are facing today. Through each of our advocacies, we not only focusing on those problems, but more importantly, we our focusing on solutions.  Solutions that individuals, municipalities and governments can solve.
In order to achieve change, we first need to inform, inspire and lead by example. No matter how small, getting our hands dirty, removing litter and debris or better yet, planting trees. Trees are the lungs of Mother Earth. Trees clean the air by reducing CO2, a greenhouse gas that is caused by human activities.

  • What is the environmental campaign that you are currently pursuing?

Recently, I began working with the Danish University of Science, DTU, in order to become an environmental water agent.  I am responsible to go out and measure the secchi depth of lakes in Denmark.  A secchi disk measures transparency in bodies of water and determines how much micro algae is present.  These results are important because we know an unhealthy lake or ocean causes oxygen depletion, and we really need healthy bodies of water.  A healthy body of water permits CO2 to be converted by photosynthesis. An environment consisting of healthy bodies of water, is a planet that allows life to flourish.

  • What are your expectations about Miss Earth and the host country which is the Philippines?

My hope is to share my knowledge and passion for the environment, and how my country recognizes the importance of environmental protection.  I also look forward to learning from strong, educated and like-minded women from all corners of the world.  I am also looking forward to meeting the citizens of the Philippines whom I see as very kind, humble and generous people.  Because of the Miss Earth Organization and the sponsors, I look forward to participating in many activities, making lifelong friendships and memories that will last a life time.  I hope to be able to visit the rainforests of the Philippines and make my country proud by following the footsteps of the very first Miss Earth Catharina Brink’s footsteps and bring the Miss Earth crown, home to Denmark.

  • How would you describe the natural beauty of your country to your fellow Miss Earth candidates?

The Kingdom of Denmark is surrounded by water and has some of the cleanest natural drinking water in the world.  On one side of my country, to the west, the water is salty, yet to the east, the water is very low in salt concentration.  The landscape of my country is as diverse as her citizens.  While we have no mountains, we have beautiful fields and hills.  We have no rivers, but we have beautiful little streams.  We have some of the most beautiful flora and fauna. The Danish Beech Forest is incredibly beautiful in the summer, and along with water, is part of our national anthem.

  • Do you think that swimsuits are still relevant to beauty pageants especially with Miss Earth?

I absolutely believe the swimsuit portion of the competition is still relevant and important.  A beauty queen is a woman who is a combination of natural beauty, a vibrant personality and a healthy mind and body.  Physical Fitness is an important part of our daily life and provides the stamina, energy we need to fulfill our daily responsibilities, our dreams and our goals.  Walking across the stage in swimsuit tests one confidence and strength needed to fulfill the obligations of being a beauty queen


  • What do you think will make you standout during the Miss Earth 2016 pageant?

What will make me stand out?  Me! Yes, I am a typical Scandinavian girl, with blond hair and blue eyes.  But I am more than just that.  Throughout my life I been challenged with knowing my own person, but as a result I have gained love and acceptance of just who I am.  Knowing my own strengths and weaknesses allows me to focus on living a meaningful life, with a positive and determined purpose.  These characteristics are essential parts of being a true beauty queen

  • Finally, a message to all of your fans at Missosology.

Dear friends from Missosology. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Your support and love means the world to me. Coming from a small country such as Denmark, it is overwhelming to experience so many lovely people how are investing their time to support me and follow my journey towards the crown.
Love from Your Miss Earth Denmark 2016.

Missosology wishes Klaudia Parsberg all the best of luck at Miss Earth 2016 pageant. Special thanks to John Hamilton de Voss for facilitating this interview



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