Liesl Laurie – Miss South Africa 2015

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Beauty Talks with Liesl Laurie – Miss South Africa 2015  

Liesl Laurie - Miss South Africa 2015 (5)
Liesl LaurieMiss South Africa 2015 during her homecoming in Eldorado Park, South Africa.

Liesl Laurie has a tough task to accomplish. As Miss South Africa 2015, she is faced with a huge challenge for she has to fill a very large shoe. Her immediate predecessor, Rolene Strauss, is the reigning Miss World. In the world of pageantry, a back to back win is a rarity. But this does not deter Liesl from facing her task squarely. Very friendly and down to earth, Liesl will make South Africa proud whichever pageant she will go.

Liesl Laurie - Miss South Africa 2015 (4)
Liesl Laurie – Miss South Africa 2015

 1.) How would you describe yourself?

*5 words: Confident, witty, passionate, driven, compassionate.  

2.) If you will win the Miss World crown, which country would you like to visit first and why?




3.) Describe your Beauty with a Purpose project.

Our organization realised that whilst the mother’s needs were cared for by the state, the babies were just left to their own devices and so ultimately ended up being the ones to bear the brunt of a life behind bars for something that was no fault of their own.  We became increasingly aware of the need for child friendly environments with clean, cosy cots, a nutritionally balanced diet, sufficient clothes and disposable nappies, and toys and playgrounds that would help to stimulate their little minds at this crucial stage.

Liesl Laurie
Liesl Laurie – Miss South Africa 2015
Liesl Laurie
Liesl Laurie – Miss South Africa 2015


4.) Do you think that swimsuits are still relevant in beauty pageants?

I think that the swimsuit in beauty pageants is irrelevant; and that it is more about the woman wearing the swimsuit and her personality, rather than the physical attributes that societies deem important in order to be a specific version of beautiful.


5.) If you are to choose, what kind of dance would you perform at Dances of the World and why?

I would do the South African Zulu dance known as Ingoma.
This traditional dance is most often associated with Zulu culture. It is performed with drums and full traditional attire and is derived from the war dances of the warriors.
It would be an honour for me to share one of South Africas cultural dances on an international stage whilst teaching the world about our colorful culture.



6.) What makes you proud of your country?

Our biggest asset – our rainbow nation.
I believe that my country has the friendliest, loving people. We are the true representation of “Ubuntu”. Love makes the world go round and love is truly what makes South Africa a beautiful place to live in.

7.) What are your current preparations for Miss World?

I try and rest where I can, exercise and a healthy diet are a daily part of my routine…. I am also always trying to keep up with global current affairs and this helps me prepare mentally.

8.) What is your breakfast like?

No carbohydrates, high fat breakfast. Four large eggs with cheese, avocado and a cup of Rooibos tea.

9.) Do you think that you have a very big shoe to fill considering that the reigning Miss World is from South Africa?

Yes. Rolene is a truly phenomenal woman and a great inspiration.  I am blessed to have the reigning Miss World in my corner and on my speed dial. In preparation for Miss World I remind myself that if Rolene could become Miss World then I can too.

Liesl Laurie
Liesl Laurie – Miss South Africa 2015




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