Hopes are high that the Philippines will again bag the coveted Miss World crown this year, after Catriona Gray was crowned Miss World Philippines last month.

Catriona, a 22-year-old model, blogger and singer dedicated a lot of time preparing for the Miss World competition, even before she was crowned in her national pageant. She took some time off her busy schedule to do Beauty Talks with us. Get to know more about her and her Miss World journey.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

I would tell people that my life isn’t perfect. Sometimes when people come to know you through the media exposure and glamorous setting that the magazines, TV guestings and social media portray – its easy to think that that persons life is perfect and that they’ve “got it all figured out”. But just like any other 22-year-old I still face challenges, uncertainties and doubts and in many ways, I’m a very normal, simple girl.

How would you describe your country to your fellow contestants?

A thriving, colourful and bucket list worthy destination that has activities, sights and cuisines for every kind of person from every walk of life. I would also show my MW2016 sisters my blog (Cat-elle.com) where I have videos and photos of my travels from destinations here in the Philippines in the hopes that it would inspire them to visit our beautiful country.

Can you share your beauty secret?

I am a very simple girl who believes that beauty starts from within. That’s why I put a large focus on my quality of life, the food I consume and the amount of physical activity I maintain. I think that natural is best and try to source the majority of my beauty products from natural ingredients such as coconut oil as makeup remover. Also I drink a lot of water and find that my skins appearance directly correlates to the amount of water I drink.

What are your current preparations for Miss World?

I’ve mostly been reading and conversing with people so that I could be well informed on relevant topics and aware of others stances on different subjects. I’ve also been training proactively in makeup and hair because not only do I need to act like a Miss World, but I need to look like one too! Lastly, I’ve been spending time with the kids at my advocacy cause they ground me and remind me why I’m in Miss World in the first place.


Which part of the competition are you most excited?

Other than being able to meet my sisters from all around the world and learn about them and their countries, I’m excited to sing my heart out in the Talent Competition! I hope that the audience will enjoy my haunting edition of an old classic!

Can you give us a preview of your Beauty with a Purpose project?

My BWAP project focuses on the lack of education for the children in Tondo, Manila. Many families sustain themselves on such little resources that the families can’t afford to give their children an education. Young Focus – an organisation that strives to provide free and accessible education to the children in Tondo – and I have partnered up to purchase and renovate a 3-storey building that will become the new Childcare and Preschool Centre.

Among the Miss World titleholders, who do you admire the most and why?

I admire Rolene Strauss for her intelligence, queenliness and communication skills and I admire Megan Young for her endearing and genuine personality, her approachable demure and willingness to always help a friend in need.

In your opinion is it outdated to still have a swimsuit competition at beauty pageants?

Personally I don’t think excluding the swimsuit competition detracts anything from the overall pageant. In present times women are becoming more empowered, skillful and independent and I think competitions like “Multimedia” and “Beauty with a Purpose” are a wonderful addition to a pageant because we are more than our bodies and these events highlight our intelligence, relevance and the nature of our hearts.

And finally a message to all of your fans out there.

Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat! Thank you all for your words of kindness, support and positivity. I hope that on this journey to Miss World 2016 I can show the world how spirited, passionate and artistic the Filipino people are. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Photo by Andreo Esguerra
Photo by Andreo Esguerra

Special thanks to Catriona and Mr Carlos Buendia Jr of Aces Queens for the interview. Missosology.Org



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