Will Indonesia finally bag its first ever Big5 crown? Puteri Indonesia 2017  Bunga Jelitha thinks that this year, could be a lucky one for her country Indonesia. She is working very hard to make her nation proud given the fact that Indonesians are enthusiastic pageant lovers. After a successive semis finish at Miss Universe, the big dream is getting closer than ever for this beautiful and diverse nation. Check out our exclusive interview with Bunga Jelitha where she reveals her preparations for the upcoming Miss Universe 2017 pageant.

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Bunga Jelitha

Since 2013, Indonesia has consistently made it to the semis of Miss Universe. Do you think that Indonesia should win the Miss Universe crown this year?


Yes, sure! I think every contestant has a chance to win and after we made it four times consecutively in the semi-finals, it is now my turn to continue what my successors dreamt of. They dreamt of going further than before in this competition or even win the first crown of Miss Universe for Indonesia. Indonesians are pageant lovers and they are waiting for that moment. I believe it will be the best celebration ever for my country.


Analysts believe that your good command of the English language should help you a lot at Miss Universe. Do you agree with this? 


I agree. English is the international language that will help me connect and socialize with the contestants. It will help me a lot when there are some interviews. But, whether we use our own language or English or no matter kind of language, hopefully what I have said can touch their hearts and eventually they will understand.

Bunga Jelitha

Do you think that past Puteri Indonesia winners should have placed higher if they were proficient in speaking English?


That might be helpful but the important thing to be Miss Universe is not defined by the language that we use but rather by our ability to speak the universal language: the language of heart, the language of kindness, the language of beauty. As long as we can develop our self in the competition, with more preparations and just by being yourself, you can show the universe your strength and beauty. I believe if God wills it, I could place high at Miss Universe.


If you are not doing beauty pageants, what do you think will you be doing now?


I would be focusing on my modelling work by trying to connect with international agencies. Aside from that, I’ll probably be enjoying my time developing my own business. Before I joined Puteri Indonesia 2017, I was an entrepreneur focusing in fashion. I produced my own clothing line for girls and it’s fun!

Bunga Jelitha

Beauty analysts are saying that there will be a lot of top quality candidates for Miss Universe 2017. How do you think will stand out against the contestants from superpowers like USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil or the Philippines?


I think every country always send their best girl and in every competition there is always that silent “killer” which will make a unpredictable “wow” on the stage later. That’s why every country has a chance to win and couldn’t be underestimated anymore, like for example, Ecuador, South Africa, Russia and Thailand . But don’t worry, Indonesia will also give its maximum effort and push to the limit to achieve our dreams. It is a dream that is not only for myself but for the whole country.


What are the preparations you are currently doing for Miss Universe 2017?


Miss Universe is under IMG now which is giving the interviews as much as 60% of the score. So they prefer a contestant that is both a good influencer and good at public speaking. There is also an emphasis on the advocacy and healthy fit body.


I did a lot of training for public speaking and daily English conversation practice to easily communicate and socialize with other contestants. I hope can get a huge plus at the interviews. I will also bring our culture and the diversity of Indonesian beauty during the competition which will be reflected on my daily outfit, evening gown, national costume including that warm welcoming smile of Indonesia women.


National costumes of past Miss Indonesia are always spectacular. What will be yours?


I’m so excited of my National Costume! I can’t wait to wear it soon. This year, we will show something new and different at the Miss Universe stage. Something authentic about my wonderful Indonesia and it will be totally fresh and different with the past national costumes. It will be something exotic and cute. So stay tuned and don’t miss it!


How to see yourself ten years from now?


I believe that I will succeed on modelling and as a beauty queen and an entrepreneur. Not only that, I see myself as a mom who inspires other women in my country. I will strive to make an impact and I dream of building a school for underprivileged students.



Who among the Miss Universe winners do you look up to and why?


Pia Wurtzbach! She’s really confidently beautiful with a heart. She is very inspiring. Her story about her struggles, handwork, and sacrifice inspires me a lot. She became strong and never gave up her dreams. She is also focused about her AIDS advocacy and she never wavered in helping people from around the world.



And finally a message to all of your fans at Missosology.


Mabuhay! Thanks Missosology and all of my friends for this interview. I will strive to make an impact at Miss Universe through my advocacy. I will work hard to show my very. The journey won’t be easy but I believe with all of your prayers and support, I can do it! Terima Kasih from the botton of my heart!


Special thanks to Mega Angkasa for facilitating the interview. Missosology wishes Bunga Jelitha all the best at Miss Universe 2017.




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