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Macau is one of the most loyal territories to participate at the Miss International Beauty Pageant. Since they hosted the pageant in 2008, they have never missed a single year and has been sending competitive girls to the annual pageant.  Despite being relatively neophyte in Miss International, the former Portuguese colony has had a fair share of memorable delegates who became instant favorites among pageant experts.  For instance, last year’s delegate Man Chan was tipped to place at least in the Top 10.  Although she failed to place in the semifinals, it was enough to send a message to the world:  that Macau will be a force to reckon with in the years to come.  Yes, the sash weight of Macau may not be as heavy as many traditional MI favorites, they won’t be discouraged to send quality delegates year after year.  So, meet the very beautiful Ana Choi, the strong-willed woman with an interesting story, who is now tasked to give Macau their first ever semifinal placement in Miss International.


  1. What’s your biggest achievement in life so far?
  • My biggest achievement in life so far is to have lost 20 kilograms in just two months. In my high school era, I used to be seriously overweight and was not able to grow healthily. So under the suggestion of my family doctor, I decided to go on a diet and to do lots of cardio. This two-month long journey completely turned me into a very disciplined, determined and committed person. I also realized that we shall never give up on achieving our goal. No matter how hard it is, take a deep breath, walk through it!


  1. What’s your personal motto?
  • My personal motto is “Never Give Up”. We may come across lots of difficulties in life however we shall see a cup half full instead of half empty. Since every failure is actually a lesson, if we could learn from it, we would definitely grow wiser and our lives would become unique and fruitful.Miss Macau_Profile Photo 2


  1. What’s your most memorable incident in life? What have you learn from it?
  • The most memorable incident in my life is to have completed a uterus tumor removal operation five years ago. It was a serious operation and what I have learnt from this incident is that we should cherish what we have had in life especially love  and courage from family and friends.


  1. Who do you respect the most? Why?
  • I do respect Mr. Walt Disney the most. Not only because he founded Disneyland but he also shows the whole world his perseverance and dedication on pursuing his own dream. He also set an good example to the people who have been undergoing tough times, “don’t ever give up “ should always be the core value of our lives.


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  1. Who is your role model? What can you learn from him/ her?
  • My role model is Angelina Jolie. She is not only a renowned actress, humanitarian but also one of the bravest woman on earth. Her bravest action is to have her cancer prevention treatment in which her breasts, ovaries and oviduct had been removed. The main reason of doing the operation is that she wants to spend much time to raise her adopted kids. She no doubt shows the whole world the mightiness of motherhood. In addition, I admire her that she has been spending so much time to fight for human rights and women’s rights, she is no doubt a true heroine.



  1. What’s your goal?
  • My goal is to become a mentor of young people. Through sharing my experiences, I’d like to influence young people to pursue their dreams by not giving up easily. At the same time, I hope I can spread positive energy to others so that our lives would become more harmonic.


  1. Please use 5 words to describe yourself (e.g. confident, proactive, etc.)
  • I am a disciplined, determined, optimistic, proactive and happy person


  1. What’s the characteristic of Macau people?
  • Macau people are very friendly, hospitable and very respectful to different cultures. Since tourism has always been Macau’s major industry so I’d like to say Macau people are born to be “hospitable”. Also, because of being a former Portuguese Colony and having many world heritages in the city, we all know how to appreciate different cultures.


  1. Can you recommend 3 places in Macau to tourists? (Reason)

I would like to recommend Macau Tower, Ruins of St. Paul and Largo do Lilau.

  • Macau Tower is the tallest building in Macau. From the top deck, you can see the whole landscape of Macau. Besides, you can play the world’s highest commercial skyjump at Macau Tower too.
  • Ruins of St. Paul is one of the world’s heritage site and  Macau’s best known landmarks. It was a church originally in 16th Century however after suffering from two serious fires, only the front part of the church still remains.
  • Also being one of the world’s heritage site, Largo do Lilau means “a square of fountain” in Portuguese. It’s worth visiting because there is a urban legend saying that if anyone drinks the water from the fountain, the person will never forget Macau.


The Ruins of St. Paul is one of the world’s heritage sites and Macau’s best known landmark.


  1. Why do you think you could become Miss international 2015?

I always remember one of my favorite quote from Audrey Hepburn : “Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you are exactly the same”.

As a girl from Macau, my core value of life is “Never Give Up” and if I am crowned as Miss International 2015, I will still be the same person who believes in this value.

I will never give up on inspiring young people to become better person by sharing my ups and downs.

I will never give up on helping people in needs by encouraging them to stay strong and positive as life is full of surprises.

I will never give up on emphasizing “peaceful world” to the world as our lives shall never be affected by arrogant people.

I will never give up on reminding people that we shall always believe in our true self so that our dignity would be respected.

Last but not least, I will never give up on loving my friends, my family and my beloved one.





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