The Miss Earth 2016 pageant was truly a success, wardrobe malfunction and an oversized crown notwithstanding, with Corrin Stellakis of New York as the new queen! It looks like the organizers did an excellent job with the production and while the stage was simple, it did pull off some minimalist class of its own.

When it comes to Big5 pageants, United States can look up to Miss USA as the benchmark for all other American pageants. Of course, we consciously left out Miss America because its winner does not compete at any major international pageants. In a race on who could be in the second place, the 2016 edition of Miss Earth United States is a very strong contender!

It appears that the Miss Earth United States 2016 pageant was far more organized and well-staged than Miss World America 2016. The latter is currently under the management of Christopher Wilmer who rebranded his Miss United States pageant to its current set-up. The other pageant that is vying for American attention is organized by American Beauty Pageant under Britt Harrison which selects the American delegates for Miss Supranational and Miss International pageants. They conduct a decent pageant albeit they have some room for lots of improvement.

That the Miss Earth United States came up with a finals night that exceeded expectations means that the pageant has a very bright future. Of course, the Miss Earth brand is not that as popular as Miss Universe or Miss World in the United States but it is getting its fair share of recognition. The participation of Miss Arizona Earth Kyi Sint, who has roots in Myanmar, elicited interest. Corrin Stellakis meanwhile was recently interviewed by Univision Chicago.

It is true that the pageant has a long way to go to be recognized by the mainstream America but Miss Earth United States is on the right path. It has chosen a worthy winner in Corrin Stellakis. She can be considered as the front-runner in this year’s Miss Earth competition and should she snatch victory, not only she make history (United States is yet to win the Miss Earth crown*), she will also be responsible for making the Miss Earth brand popular in the United States.

While the Miss Earth United States 2016 pageant concluded with an unintended surprise and a crown that is way too large to fit Corrine Stellakis’ head, the organizers can be proud of their work. One can say, that their pageant is the second best among all Big5 nationals held in America this year. This may be a pat in the back but this should encourage them to work further to make the pageant more glamorous in the years to come.




*No American woman has ever won the Miss Supranational crown. We earlier wrote that Miss Earth crown is the only Big5 crown not yet in the kitty of United States.



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