Miss Supranational 2016 Second Hot Picks

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The Miss Supranational 2016 manifestation is entrance earlier than we all think. As a latest further in a list of vital general beauty pageants, Miss Supranational promises world-class finals night that will beamed all over a universe by a dependent TV stations. Truly, it is one of those events that we all demeanour brazen to. In a few days, Miss Supranational beauties will deplane to Poland and for now, Missosology picked a name few that we need to watch out for.supra-hp2

Topping a list is a beauty from Indonesia. There is no doubt that Indonesia is an rising republic in a universe of pageantry. No one could have foreseen this 30 years ago during a rain of a afterwards strongman boss named Suharto that paved approach to a dissolution of a law banning his adults to join beauty pageants. Years later, after that ancestral moment, Indonesia simply flourished in a universe of pageantry.

Buoyed by a fantastic opening in general splendour lately, Indonesia is environment a sights on Miss Supranational 2016. It looks like Miss Supranational Indonesia Intan Aletrino will finally broach her country’s initial vital general crown. As one of a winners of a greatly contested Puteri Indonesia 2016 pageant, Intan’s Asian facilities with an general allure is really giving her an edge.

Coming in during tighten second is another stunner named Maria Isabel Pineyro of Ecuador. Glamorous and fierce, a Guayaquil local is roving on a waves combined by her country’s Miss Earth victory. Expect her to broach a products and give her competitors a run for their money.

Damla Figan of Turkey is another Miss Supranational 2016 claimant we should keep an eye on. Her radiant beauty and her mile-long legs are all eye-catching. She is now heading among a European delegates.

Of course, a beauty superpower republic of Venezuela should not be left behind. The drop-dead beautiful blonde Valeria Vespoli who represented a state of Monagas during a nationals, can shake a whole Miss Supranational race. She is utterly skilful in communicating generally in a English denunciation carrying spent some time study in Florida. She should do good in a interviews and a fact that she is a Miss Venezuela means she has already an corner in a competition.

Completing a Top 5 is Joanna Eden of a Philippines who also carries a cincture with a flattering good weight. Joanna has an model communication skills and her beauty is simply ethereal. She is also famous for her care-free healthy travel onstage.

Jaleesa Pigot‘s comely physique is really giving her an edge. As Suriname’s repute for Miss Supranational 2016, Jaleesa got soap-box reviews from beauty watchers. Her aura exudes a grand touch. Actually, she’s got a lot of intrepidity and her certainty is oozing from within.

At series 7 in this list is another radiant and leggy beauty named Lenka Tekeljakova. Her pleasant blue eyes and ideally winding lips creates one consternation because she isn’t one of a Victoria Secret’s angels. Nevertheless, she participated in a right pageant. There is no doubt that Lenka will ace a slip shred of a Miss Supranational pageant.

Mexican bombshell Cynthia de la Vega is also one of a possibilities that could lift a warn and take it all. She’s fierce, she’s comely and she’s a beauty to behold. Will she be a initial Mexican to win a Miss Supranational crown?

On a 9th place is a oriental beauty Swe Zin Htet of Myanmar. Her outlandish beauty complements good her modelesque physique form. Her buoyant figure joined with her discriminating moves and poses make her all catwalk ready.

With pearl-like complexion, Miss Japan Risa Nagashima creates it to a Top 10 of a second Miss Supranational 2016 Hot Picks. Risa’s ethereal beauty is amazingly malleable. She can be remade from being elementary to glamorous but losing a essence of her beauty.

11 Vietnam | Kha Trang
12 Mauritius | Ambika Callychurn
13 Sri Lanka | Ornella M.J. Gunesekere
14 Poland | Ewa Mielnicka
15 Gibraltar | Aisha Ben Yahya

16 Thailand | Chatchadaporn Kimakorn
17 Australia | Silka Kurzak
18 USA | Alexis Sherrill
19 Romania | Sinziana Sirghi
20 Brazil | Cloris Ioanna Junges